Image of Jennifer Sakarian Namaste
Image of Jennifer Sakarian Namaste
Image of Jennifer Sakarian Namaste
Welcome to Open Hearts Club
So happy you're here 😊

My name is Jennifer and it's my mission to be warm light that spreads. I am here to share my personal investigation through nutrition, spiritual inquiry and love of the self. Let's lean into the metaphorical heart space together.

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Who am I?

I am 💎 of curiosities. It is my vision to create content + opportunities for others to expand with more softness and love through the lens of human design, nutrition, yoga + mindfulness, herbalism and more.

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You Belong

You are here because you are on the path of self discovery. It is a beautiful thing to step deeper into the path of the open heart. When we soften we cultivate more space for love of the self and by extension, love of all.

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Current Offerings…

Human Design Readings

A marriage between spirit + science 🧬 It is a phenomenal tool that has truly lifted and shifted my world and I want to share the wisdom and light with you.

⭐️ Level 1 HD Reading

⭐️ Level 2 HD Reading

⭐️ HD Mini Reading

If you want to tip toe into human design, an affordable place to start is with my affordable chart reports.

Human Design Testimonials

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Jennifer is a wealth of information

Jennifer is a wealth of information. I very much enjoyed my Human Design reading with her! I resonated with what she explained to me about my chart. It’s wonderful to have more awareness about myself and what my gifts and strengths are so I can express them more openly and proudly as well as be aware of what I need to look out for and have tendencies towards. So much info packed in the chart that I could have many more sessions with her and keep learning. I highly recommend trying it out! Thank you, Jennifer! 


Image of Human Design Body Graph

Jennifer did an amazing job at reading my Human Design chart

Jennifer did an amazing job at reading my Human Design chart.  A friend gifted it to me for my 50th birthday, and it was the perfect gift for looking at the next chapter of my life.  Jennifer has a natural kindness and a passion for Human Design that comes through in her readings.  I felt so supported and excited to learn about all the insights she shared with me.  After my reading, she sent me a recording and highly detailed notes I look forward to further learning from.  If you’re someone like me who loves learning about your personality and how live more fully, you’ll love a reading by Jennifer.


Image of Human Design Body Graph

As a huge fan of tools that allow me to get to know myself better…

As a huge fan of tools that allow me to get to know myself better, I asked Jennifer for a Human Design reading. In her (almost!) an hour long reading, she gave me a detailed overview of not only traits I instantly recognized but offered guidance and practical advice of how I can use those traits to my advantage. The level of accuracy Jennifer offered throughout my reading was mind blowing – it felt like she’s in my head at times! If you’re looking to find out more about yourself and advance faster in life, I could not recommend Jennifer more for a Human Design Reading


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Thoughtful and thorough 🙏

Jennifer’s human design reading was thoughtful and thorough. I felt safe, heard, seen, and understood, and I enjoyed the validation for my strengths and ways to work with challenges that presented in my chart. I also received a very informative hand out of my chart. I have had human design readings before, and have never gotten so much information to take home with me. She made it so I didn’t have to take a bunch of notes, which in the past led to missing important information throughout a reading. Well worth the investment!!


Support my herbal inquiries {wildcrafted and herbalist inspired}

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Herbs + Spirit Etsy Shop

As an herbalist I love making medicines for the mind, body and spirit with love and intention. Currently carrying herbal tinctures and Radiant Face + Body Oil.

My personal tool for transformative self love ❤️

Aether Cacao Recipe

Cacao is a medicine of the ❤️

Cacao has been instrumental to my personal self love journey. I am so joy filled to be an ambassador with Cacao Lab, a conscious and reverent small business supporting small family farmers in Ecuador.

Learn more about my experience with this sacred plant medicine

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