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Sustainable Company Alert: Package Free Shop

How can we practice being open-hearted as consumers?

My personal take is that we strive to purchase from responsible companies. Businesses that are providing more sustainable products. You may have heard, you are what you eat but what about, You are what you buy. By choosing to be more conscious about how you consume, you too, can make a difference.

Questions to ask before buying something

  1. Is the company local?
  2. Are they resourcing materials responsibly?
  3. Are they committed to providing green options via packaging, product materials, etc.
  4. Are they serving a community?
  5. Are they accessible?

Not all companies that we buy from hit these check marks, but it is something that we really strive for as consumers. Buy quality over quantity.

My Experience with Package Free Shop

I have been seeing the buzz around the brand via social media. I have long been looking for options that have minimal impact with packaging, plastic, and are sustainable and eco-conscious and that don’t support over consumptive behaviors.

The best thing about Package Free Shop is their commitment to curating the shop. Making sure the vendor provides products that reduce materials, have clean ingredients that are often biodegradable or recyclable etc. They strive to reduce “single use” common items by offering alternatives such as

  • Metal razors with recyclable razor blades as oppose to pink plastic razors that you may be using a few weeks
  • Reusable feminine products such as pads and menstrual cups as oppose to plastic wrapped pads and cotton tampons that may be filled with chemicals and plastics
  • Cotton/flannel rounds instead of cotton balls.

This sort of “conscious shopping,” asks you to question what you may have been doing your whole life. So it might be uncomfortable at first but it is a lifestyle change. Shopping is something that we are culturally participating in. If we can choose to be more intentional with our shopping then we are raising our frequency to encourage others to do the same. Buying things makes you feel good, so why not feel really good and buy something that lessens your impact on our planet? It might be trendy for a reason–it’s really important that we question the cultural norm and look outside ourselves. Think of all the people around the world who have no other choice but to be “eco-aware,” many have to reuse stuff because they have no other option. If you are fortunate enough to be a consumer, why not do it with intention?

My first purchase with Package Free Shop

The total came up to around $28 and as expected there was no plastic included in the shipping. I decided to try a few new things to see if I couldn’t get rid of some of the single use alternatives that I was using.

Sweedish Dish Cloth

The Sweedish dish towel is great for re-using over and over. They come in a variety of really cute and playful designs and if you head to Threebluebirds website they even have the option to have your own designs printed. It is quite absorbent and doesn’t seem to hold stains

Cons: A little pricey–$6.95 but it might assist in eliminating some of the single use paper towels that we are steadily trying to get rid of. It’s only been a few weeks and it’s holding up pretty well. It will be a matter of time to see how it really affects our single use paper towel use.

Mayan Loofah

Mayan Loofah:We were looking for an alternative to plastic loofahs. We had been buying some from Whoel Foods and even though the plastic was from recycled products it still felt kind of weird to be using them. We wanted something that would biodegrade and be exfoliating–thus we found the loofah. The loofah is actually the interior skeleton of a type of guard appropriately named the loofah guard. So far we really like it. The texture is subtle but stimulating. It’s supposed to last 3-6 months and is 100% compostable. Cons: It doesn’t hold a lather as easy as the plastic loofah. It’s a small sacrifice and just an adjustment to getting used to something new.

Everyday Sunscreen by Meowmeowtweettweet
TBH, I was really attracted to the brand because of the adorable name and the illustrations. I am not a huge fan of this sunscreen as it doesn’t spread very well and leaves a very prominent white residue all over the applied area. I have purchased their soaps and have really enjoyed them. 


What are your thoughts on Package Free Shop?


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