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Oh calendula

Too often we get lost in the world of cosmetics and perfection. Many feel the sting of trying to look a certain way, especially if you have been exposed to way too many Instagram feeds and contouring videos. Guilty as charged.

If we can learn the value of our exterior shell then we can achieve a state of internal bliss. The body is a beautiful vessel and it loves to be treated as such. In recent years I have learned the power behind what I decide to put on and into my body. I am no where near total inner/outer peace, but I like to take small steps.

For me that was learning to make my own beauty products. I had been learning a lot from Rosemary Gladstar’s books such as Herbs for Natural Beauty. Her knowledge rang deep for me and I knew it was the start of something really special. To detach myself from the things that used to bring me comfort and to know exactly what I was to put in my body. Another great resource for anyone wanting to start making their own products is Adina Grigore’s book Just the Essentials.

From her book alone I have made my own mouthwash, insect bite roll on, head ache reliever and so much more.

But my first love was learning to make Calendula Salve as it has been my go to for all ailments. Anything from burns, cuts, acne, moisturizer, rash, PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING 😀

A shop that I admire with a simple approach to beauty is the Package Free Shop, where they curate their inventory based on the quality of ingredients, plastic free packaging and all around good causes. If you aren’t familiar with them I hope you can check them out. I recently bought my first foraging knife.

Anywho, check the info out below and you can even purchase the salve here on my Etsy Shop.

A fresh batch of Calendula salve has been crafted 😀 This is a soft salve, meaning it has less beeswax than your traditional salve and goes on more like a cream. Use sparingly as it spreads with ease. Contains the following:

❀Solar infused Organic Calendula olive oil⁠⠀
❀Solar infused organic rosemary in grapeseed oil⁠⠀
❀Michigan Beeswax⁠⠀
❀Rosemary Essential Oils⁠⠀
❀Lavender Essential Oils⁠⠀
❀Dried Calendula Petals⁠⠀
comes in a 2 oz tin⁠⠀
Calendula Offiicinalis⁠⠀
The great healer for many skin problems⁠⠀
Can be used for dry skin, wounds, cuts, and rashes. The essential oils not only add scent but are also antibacterial, anti fungal and antimicrobial. ⁠⠀
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