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Tentree Ambassador 2021

Tentree Ambassador

I have always wanted something from Tentree, specifically a pair of their joggers (Bamone Treefleece Joggers) that a friend of my husband’s and I have. He always commented on comfy they we’re and how I would appreciate the brand because…as someone who loves nature, they plant 10 trees for every purchase! Pretty amazing 😀

I had stumbled upon a call for brand ambassador’s and thought it would be time to try it out. I submitted my IG handle, a few images and a short essay and voila…a few weeks later I was in.

As an ENFP (Myers Briggs) I love love love to share stuff so I figured it was a worthy cause to be involved in. And for me it really is. As someone who often purchases used clothes or buys things used…it felt purposeful and intentional to support a brand that met my more strict criteria my conscious consumer early 30’s.

I was intrigued by the idea of becoming a brand ambassador and had been getting more and more contact reach outs with brands that on the surface looked “trendy” and “cool” but what did they really stand for?

They used images of models who looked like what everyone wanted or dreamed to look like and at first I found it utterly exciting,

“wow they want me to represent their brand!”

“I must be as beautiful as these people”

As I started to question it, it all began to feel a little silly, why would you send a swimsuit brand ambassador invite to someone who has never shown their skin on IG? It makes sense for someone whose content is all about themselves, their body, their hard work, their fashion sense etc.


When 80% of the things I post revolve around nature, the climate, artwork, and my own quirky goodness…why would a brand like that reach out to me?

As I began to research more…I realized it was their way of marketing, reaching out to people on IG and other channels, to get them to buy…they were their own brand ambassadors. Flattering someone with a generic email about their profile and how it would be great to work together and a by the way, here is a discount for 50% off your first swim suit. They didn’t have a mission statement, a purpose, etc. It was tempting in many ways and maybe if I find the right brand to collaborate with I would but for me it’s about keeping boundaries tight as I navigate what I want to share with others. We all have our standards, belief systems and more. We have to stick to those because we are capable of impacting our circle. If I say, “Yeah, fast fashion is great, spend your money, support low in come, poor conditions for workers, etc” I don’t feel good in my heart space. I feel like I am selling a dream of something that is never ending and doesn’t contribute to the good in the world. I am still finding ways to get away fast fashion and it for sure can be difficult to get away from especially if that’s all you have known and what you grew up buying.

For me, I want to disrupt beauty standards and put emphasis on the power of inner beauty. We are getting away from the commercial world and breaking patterns of thought, of structure and so much more.

My household growing up was notorious for buying H & M, forever 21, Hills, Kmart, you name it. If it cost less than 5$, we wanted it. And this was no ones fault, we were all victims of our lower middle class culture, constantly trying to prove we were in a higher tier of society. It’s just how things went.

Now at the ripe beautiful age of 33, I have the ability and desire to be a more conscious consumer. I think often of my impact and how that affects everything around me. how I am voting with my hard earned dollar. It’s so tricky but so beautiful when you realize the true power that you have.

    • The point I am trying to make is, how do you vote with your dollar?
    • with your time? (the most valuable gift of them all)
    • Do you research the brands you buy from?
    • Do you get new fast fashion every year like I did?
    • Do you think about the life of a garment?
    • Or the hard work and often underpaid people who had to be exposed to various chemicals, unfair wages and more?

If this is all new to you, I hope you learn something from this, because it really is a valuable lesson, and not everyone has the ability to carefully research and to afford clothes that are from sustainable brands.

Some tips I have are few, and simple:

  1. Take inventory of your closet + clothing/accessories
    • what do you have?
    • what can you donate?
    • what can you get rid of?
    • what is no longer serving you?
    • what are you favorite brands that have really stood the test of time?
  2. What new items would you like to have?
    • choose things that are timeless and useful
  3. What is a new swap for your wardrobe that you can afford and makes sense for you right now?
    1. Maybe you do a clothing swap with friends
    2. Purchase new + used items on Poshmark
    3. Donate your clothes to salvation army or other used clothing stores
      1. if you have the time, check out your list and spend a few hours finding some key items that really make your list.
        • Is it the material you like?
        • Is it the right size?
        • Is it a brand you like and support?

A few brands I like to support when I have the extra money or can save up for some key wardrobe staples

  1. Tentree
    • use the code Tbhowdyjen for 10 % Off
  2. Pact Organic  
    • get 20% off with this link
  3. Everlane Denim
    • absolutely love their denim, I have so far only ordered some underwear fresh from the site but have gotten a pair of Boyfriend Jeans via Poshmark, they are my go to denim and I really desire to get another pair of them in a different color. I have been carefully watching in Poshmark for a used pair to pop up again 😀


What are some of your favorite sustainable approaches to being a conscious consumer?

What switches have you made?

Have you tried Tentree?


Thank you all and I hope that was insightful 😀

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