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you’re beautiful just the way you are

A digital collage by me

In a world over saturated with information, products, influencers, etc. it can be difficult to create a sense of identity, and a general feeling of acceptance for ourselves. We are exposed to SO MUCH in any given moment and social media has the ability to expand or contract us.

One thing we all need to practice is love for oneself and creating a self care ritual. Self care doesn’t mean going to a spa and spending 100’s of dollars. Self care can be as simple and nurturing as preparing a meal, curating the products you use, giving yourself a minute to do some breath work.

For me it’s been all about curating the beauty/upliftment/enhancing products I use. I identify as a woman but have always been pretty simple. I grew up in a household of women and a wonderful beautiful mother who had a huge caboodle of make up. Our bathroom was embedded with countless beauty products. It was a fun setting to grow up in, wearing my mom’s make up and trying all the creams and scrubs she would have. As I reached my senior year of high school, I wore tons of make up still but started to inquire…what was in all this stuff?

I distinctly remember a moment, sitting at our dial up computer in the basement and reading an article that talked about how most beauty products contained harmful, synthetic components that were on the EU banned list…but they were still available in the US and not regulated by the FDA.


I kept at wearing make up and buying conventional products for many years, trying to impress boys, and then men, society, other women etc. but it always crept up in my mind…what is this stuff made of? I was starting to learn in college classes how our skin was our biggest organ and how it has the ability to absorb what we put on it…both a magical thought and a scary one, especially for anyone putting products on their skin.

Fast forward many years and meeting my current husband who somehow preferred me without make up…it was shocking, I never had any one say that to me or even give me that as an option? I saved a lot of money and time from that moment on. It changed my life in many ways and started a process of inquiry…

Why would I eat this?

Why would I put this on my face?

It was like opening Pandora’s closet of inquiry and may or may not have been unlocked through psychedelic experiences.

The body was my temple, how could I honor it?

I started to make many of my own beauty products ranging from salt scrubs, calendula salves and my favorite…face oils. I currently have a very minimal beauty and skin care routine and I absolutely love it. I now believe that my skin is the product of eating well and drinking enough water throughout the day and of course sweating + movement. Your skin is the first indicator of a problem internally. I had struggled with acne for many years and it was beyond embarrassing. I would pick the pimples out of boredom and anger which resulted in even worse looking skin. Now at the age of 33 I realize it was due to diet. I cut dairy out of my diet and eat only very occasionally and for me, it seems to help. It might be something to research in case it’s something you struggle with. Additionally, I also eat a diet full of the rainbow–lot’s of veggies, lean protein, healthy fats and lots of water and herbal teas.


My face regiment looks something like this…

in the morning

wash my face with warm water

sometimes I will use dr. bronners castille soap (just a few drops)

I’ll finish with a light face oil that I hand crafted that’s made with hemp oil (see recipe below)

If I have it available I will use Fat and the Moon’s Sage Rose face mist otherwise I will make my own using chamomile tea and a little splash of ACV (I keep this in the fridge to preserve it, lasts 1-2 weeks at most)

in the evening

wash face with Masa + Olive Oil from Fat and the Moon (sometimes just water)

Night time face oil with all the goodies to help heal + nourish my skin.

1x per week

face mask Aztec Secret, Indian Healing Clay, 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

Beauty is about how you feel about yourself. Self care is simply taking time to understand what you’re doing to your body with what you put in and on it. Simple as that. Beauty is a state of mind. Positive thoughts can lead you to a place of self love. Thank your body for all it does for you, even if you want it to be different, its so vital to appreciate what you have to work with. Our bodies can be reflections of our internal selves. They can indicate if we get enough sleep, work out or don’t, what we have been through and more. If we take any moment we can to practice nurturing and relish in the space where we show up for ourselves, we are doing good work. Beauty is how you feel about your body. All bodies are beautiful and deserve to be treated as that. Love your body and it will love you generously back.


A checklist for inquiry

  • What does your beauty/self care routine look like?
  • How many products do you use?
  • What can you get rid of?
  • What are your products made of?
  • Do you know what any of that “stuff” is?
  • Can you find more natural ones that fit your budget?
  • what does your makeup have in it?
  • Can you swap out one product per cycle for something more wholesome and natural?
  • Can you start making some of your own products?
  • Can you support local brands that might be making the products you desire? (Also check out Etsy)

Some resources to check out:

Fat and the Moon (herbalist inspired beauty products)

Package Free Shop (a curated selection of goodies for those looking to adopt a more conscious lifestyle)


daily light oil

2 teaspoon grapeseed oil

2 droppers hemp oil

2 droppers carrot oil

2 droppers rosehip

2 droppers sea buckthorn

1 drop eo clary sage

1 drop eo cedar


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