you’re beautiful just the way you are

In a world over saturated with information, products, influencers, etc. it can be difficult to create a sense of identity, and a general feeling of acceptance for ourselves. We are exposed to SO MUCH in any given moment and social media has the ability to expand or contract us. One thing we all need to practice is love for oneself and creating a self care ritual. Self care doesn’t mean going to a spa and spending 100’s of dollars. Self care can be as simple and nurturing as preparing a meal, curating the products you use, giving yourself a minute to do some breath work. For me it’s been all about curating the beauty/upliftment/enhancing products I use. I identify as a woman but have always been pretty simple. I grew up in a household of women and a wonderful beautiful mother who had a huge caboodle of make up. Our bathroom was embedded with countless beauty products. It was a fun setting to grow up in, wearing my mom’s make up and trying all the … Continue reading you’re beautiful just the way you are