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Learning to care deeper for this earth suit

I have been interested in herbalism longer than I realize. When I was younger my dad would slip in stories about his childhood, and sometimes I was able to listen. He’s an excellent story teller and would recount memories of going out into the field and collecting dandelion leaves with his mom and siblings. She would then take the dandelion leaves and either Sautee them or boil them or use them fresh for salads.

Fast forward many years later, my husband and I move to Ann Arbor and start to catch wind of mystical things such as plant walks with Jim McDonald (the renowned herbalist) through the Michigan Folk School. It was thrilling. I was on the road to healthy eating and thinking more consciously about what I put into my body. I had never been one for traditional conventional medicine, something about it just seemed unnatural. I am so glad I had that tiny inkling of thought. I believe conventional medicine is a powerhouse and saves many lives but often conditions are blanket statements and pills are prescribed when it could be adjusting life style habits like eating, movement and more.

So herbalism seemed like a natural place for me to go. I loved drinking teas…so that was a good start. Attending my first nature walk with Jim was so inspiring. I felt like a student again and was open eared and hearted to learn as much as I could. I was able to start recognizing different “weeds,” aka incredible healing plants all over our Ann Arbor 1 acre yard. I was thrilled…I had access to plantain, mullein, wild raspberry, cleavers, and so much more. I was beginning to be more and more interested in the properties of plants, not just medicinally but nutritive values.

I am still on my journey and often refer to myself as a budding herbalist, because I am still very much learning. Some of my favorite herbalist approaches are cold water infusions using ground ivy and cleavers. I sip it on hot days and feel the plant medicine hydrating me. I also forage my own raspberry tea leaves during the fall so I can make nutritive + toning teas during the winter. I am currently taking an online version of Jim McDonalds Lindera Herbalist Intensive course and I am learning so much.

It has also been so rewarding to find brands in the world that are promoting herbalist approaches to life in responsible ways…some of my favorite are Anima Mundi, Fat and the Moon and from local herb farms like Black Locust in Dexter Michigan. It has also encouraged me to try to grow my own herbs as I don’t always have the time to forage. Right now I have a beautiful yarrow patch that has since quadrupled since my friend gave it to me. I make teas and tinctures from it. It’s great to find brands that support like minded approaches to living because you learn along the way.

Some of my favorite concoctions are from Anima Mundi. I have since purchased a few incredible herbal delights from them including Rose Powder, Mangosteen + Hibiscus Powder, Happiness Tonic, Curam Antiaging + Antiinflammation tonic and coconut cream powder.

I am no where near perfect in my approach to healing my body, I am, like everyone else, a work in progress. My mission is…whenever I can, give my body nutritive and healing remedies as often as possible while listening closely to what it is saying to me and going with an intuitive spirit. I have gathered the awareness to be notice how my body feels after certain foods, drinks etc.

A few big adjustments I have made in my life/diet include…

  • Very rarely eating dairy (I made the discovery that dairy + processed foods are responsible to any acne or skin problems I get)
  • increasing the amount of greens and non starchy vegetables I am eating
  • stopping eating after 7 pm in the winter and 8pm in the summer
  • limiting the amount of coffee and other acidic things I put into my body
  • being mindful of sugar content, even natural sugars
  • researching inflammation causing foods
  • drinking lot’s of water.

I am still learning and I don’t have all the answers. The exciting part is we are living in an era where there is so much new research being done on health and diet and it’s not a one shoe fits all kind of conversation. You have to see how your body feels after you eat, drink etc. Take note of where that food is coming from. If you can afford it, try to by the best quality of anything that is important to you. Your body should be your biggest investment because if you don’t pay now (monetary) you will pay later (health, medical bills, etc. )

Your body is a beautiful manifestation of the greatest dream of the planet. If you treat it well, with love, reverence, respect, you will be rewarded in so many ways.

I hope this encourages anyone to start being more mindful of the many ways that you can introduce more nutrient dense foods and remedies into your diet.

You literally are what you eat. Your cells become what you eat. You feel what you eat and your body either rewards you or…it doesn’t.

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