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Ritual in a modern world

Picture of ceremonial cacao in nature

I used to think of ritual as something I wasn’t allowed to be apart of.

I had often seen it as this highly sacred thing that maybe existed in past cultures, other countries and places of worship. It was never in my dialogue or understanding and to be honest it wasn’t something I knew a whole lot about.

I am on that path of learning.

The path of waking up, which I believe we all are.

When one light shines, the others can’t help but to shine as well.

So what is ritual and why in the world of technology and information would we need this?

I have stumbled upon the use of the word through Youtube artist, Caro Arevalo, whom I adore. She makes incredible, thoughtful works that act as celebrations and love letters to the plant and animal and fungi kingdoms of our gracious planet. She is a Peruvian born artist and connects deeply with her roots. It was from watching her channel that I learned how integrates ritual into her everyday life. It has been beyond inspiring in so many ways. Watching and learning from this woman who approaches life in tandem with the Devine sacred. She has a calmness and gentleness that radiates and affects you as a watcher.

I on the other hand, often feel fast, hot tempered and having a real hummingbird mentality. I too am an artist and discuss similar thoughts on human consciousness in my own artwork but at a different frequency.

My artwork is a direct relation to how I live my life, jumbled, fast, intuitive. I am not saying this put myself down but to really showcase the vast differences. Neither one is right or wrong, just different modalities of expression.

I immediately noticed the slowness at which she lived her life and it was so inspiring in so many ways. It was a foreign language to me. It has in turn encouraged a deeper stillness in my life.

I have been meditating for the past few years, with this year being a more serious approach and is something i am really proud of. I am currently using the Calm app and will sometimes take breaks during the day to have moments of silence without guided meditation. It has been a god send in so many ways and has since been a part of my ritual, my ritual. I see the positive effects it has had on my life and in my ability to not be so ego driven and reactive. I find that I am better abled to connect with those I love, and to develop a true patience with myself and others. Let’s just say I wasn’t driving my own ship for many years of my life and often played the victim card. Now, I have at least one hand on the steering wheel.

I am not impervious to monkey mind, not even close, but it comes up less frequently and I have meditation and nature to thank for that.

For me, ritual means to dedicate uninterrupted time to something that is sacred to you. It can be a community or it can be solo. There are tales of ritual woven throughout the history of human time and that is what binds us and can even have the potential to separate us. Ritual is taking something that could be seemingly mundane and imbuing a charged purpose, an energetic field that is empowering, loving and Devine, something we are all capable of.

Adopted from Caro A, I have included Cacao drinking into my morning ritual. Cacao has so many incredible nutritional benefits and it tastes like pure earth love. I purchase from Cacao Laboratory,(For 10% off @Cacao Lab use the code JENNIFERS10 for 10% off) a ceremonial grade Cacao and it feels like a treat every time I make it. It takes time but it is well worth the effort for how it makes me feel.

cacao ceremony

savoring cacao

I am whole and the practice feels like a method of self care. It is my bodies way of taking care of the mind.

Inspired by the brand I have also included a prayer that changes every time but I aim to say the following…

Thank you cacao for sharing your wisdom and love with me

Thank you to the elders for sharing this sacred plant without borders so that I am benefit from it’s spirit.

Thank you to the earth, sky, sun and sea for all that you provide for me

Thank you to my body for being brave and strong and gentle all at the same time

Thank you for taking me where I need to go and for allowing spaces of deep contemplation

It is a prayer, an intention and a token of love. Talking out loud to share with the universe my gratitude for this beautiful conscious time to be alive.

If you have never had cacao, it has a richness and depth that takes you on a slow journey. As I learned through Caro Arevalo’s Youtube, you can and should have an intention, a prayer a blessing, to immerse yourself fully in the experience. This was a huge shift for me and my fast way of living but I welcomed it as I could see the benefits of this ritual in her own world.

My old modality was to…

Make tea

Drink very quickly


Or back to my younger years when I drank cup after cup of cheap machine drip coffee, which further encouraged my fast, anxious heart lifestyle.

Cacao is about opening the heart space

It is velvety.

It is smooth.

It is imbued with plant wisdom and has lots of valuable minerals and nutritive values. It makes me happy and encouraged more ritual into my heart.

Our fast paced life needs to be balanced by slowness

by kindness

by intention

by speaking loudly the things you desire and are grateful for.

I know ritual is a word that hold heavy weight, historically and culturally. But we are all a part of the human culture and we each deserve a space for ritual in our lives.

Ritual has helped me channel my wild #ENFP and Manifestor #HumanDesign way of life…not to mention Aries. I have a lot of wild energy in me and I love it deeply but it is a force to be understood and channeled. Ritual has helped me to slow down and to be grateful.

If you want to imbue ritual into your life some ideas you could include

    1. waking up with the sun and watching the beautiful rays shine in the sky, say a pray, give gratitude and honor this beautiful body you walk in
    2. make your favorite tea or beverage and really slow down into the experience. Say thank you. Think about all the people and resources involved in making this cup of tea/coffee/cacao possible
    3. do a daily walk/journal/meditation/prayer Honor this time you have set for yourself
    4. move daily, workout, do yoga, run, hike, bike. Realize your body was designed to move.


Caro Arevalo

Cacao Laboratory

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