Make your own face oil

Howdy all, Love letter to your skin just came out on the podcast! Woop woop 😀 I wanted to share one of my face oil blends, I love me, with you to encourage you on this journey of self discovery for that beautiful face of yours 😀 I love me face oil 2 dropper hemp seed oil 1 dropper jojoba 1 dropper rosehip oil 1 dropper sea buckthorn 1 dropper carrot 1 drop vitamin e 6 rose absolute 3, tea tree, clary sage, geranium top off with calendula infused grapeseed oil     Some more information: Thoughtfully handcrafted using the finest ingredients–utilizing not only the physical healing powers of each component but it’s aromatherapy properties for a gentle and relaxing everyday experience. Through research, I handcrafted a recipe using a gentle combination that works well for all skin types but is especially helpful for mature and problematic skin. The carrier oil is apricot kernel oil which is great for sensitive skin. The organic Jojoba and Sea buckthorn oils have healing properties and absorbs quickly into … Continue reading Make your own face oil