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Love yourself into the wild unknown


In alignment with this week’s podcast on loving yo’ sweet self.

For some of us, it’s the greatest challenge in the world.

For other’s it’s effortless. It’s natural.

Some of us have been pushed and pulled and carry a more sensitive mental make up than others.

All of this is a okay.

Where ever you are at,

Know you are loved

Know you deserve love

know that you are love

I have been on the journey, a long journey of self love and it’s something I hope to encourage others to embark on. It is my hope that we are all doing this in our subtle ways.

Self love is so so so valuable.
We all need to practice it in ways that feel fulfilling to us. Everyone’s definition of self care is different, but it’s about, as Yoga with Adriene, would say…finding what feels good. We all deserve time and space for love and appreciation of our bodies, our minds and where we are at on our wayward earth side journey. 
It’s a process, as my Mother in Law says. 
We are all in process. 
When we serve ourselves, we serve the world. 
Our energy can shake the foundation of others, it can lift, it can inspire and encourage. If we choose to live in light and love we send ripples of love out into the world. 
We are all capable and worthy of that self love. 
Love yourself wildly into the unknown. 
Try it on for size, how does it feel to look into the mirror and say positive things about yourself? 
Pretty good, right? 
Hope you enjoy this tidbit of love and my journey getting there. 
How do you practice self love?
Some that I mentioned include…
  • making time for myself
  • being in nature
  • making nourishing meals for myself and my family
  • exercising + movement
  • noticing when I am stuck in the “trance of unworthiness”

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