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Big Changes Start Small

We all have to start somewhere…but first it takes a hint of awareness to realize that where we are is not where we want to be. To be able to jump outside of ourselves, to ask questions, and to ponder deeply.

What changes can we make in our lives and for what reason?

The reason can be individualistic or it can be for the greater good, for our partners, our families and friends, our community and inevitably, the world. But why change?

  • Maybe we heard something about the negative effects of our actions on the environment.
  • Maybe we noticed how we are not feeling as happy and healthy as we once did.
  • Maybe we are starting to take stock of how our personal makeup, the energy we are bringing to the table…is affecting those around us. 

Change is such a valuable part of life. Know you are not alone on your journey. There is so much value in the individual who adjusts themselves for the greater good. Most change solely for themselves, as they should, because as the old adage goes, you can’t change someone…or “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

But you can make yourself drink, drink up the sweet glass of change

Give gratitude for the small steps you are taking. There are many ways to change, to challenge your norm and to really step into this new being, this new body.

Some changes that I have been making in my life include…

  • trying to not eat before bedtime…it might seem like the smallest change on the planet but it’s contributing to a greater happiness inside myself. I am learning the ways of my body and the confusion I have been sending it for many years by eating something right before I go to bed…the body says, “wait, I can’t sleep yet, I just ate something…you’re sending me mixed signals here.”
  • noticing my judgments of both myself and other people. We are wired to judge. And chances are most of us have been doing it our whole lives without much thought around it. Judgment is not an enemy, but something we must learn to dial down and remove the emotional intensity from. Just allow space and acceptance for yourself and for those around you. We are all navigating the earth ship and constantly CONSTANTLY, learning from one another. Where we judge is where we have shadow, or parts of ourselves that we have tucked away and not allowed to be integrated into our whole selves.
  • noticing how far I am from where I want to be with sustainability etc. All you have to do is notice. Take small steps. Swap things out. Be gentle with yourself.
  • choosing to not be reactive. Reactivity is beyond easy. What fires together, wires together. So we must simply break the wiring. When you notice reaction piling up in your body…pause…breathe…affirm…”it’s going to be okay. Choose a new paradigm for yourself and see how the world reacts. Show compassion for yourself and the other party…we are all figuring it out.
  • creating a sacred morning space and routine. It makes me feel valuable and loved by myself. Knowing I am giving time to myself to work on myself and that I love myself enough to not rush out of bed, guzzle down some coffee and start working. I try to take slow and gentle movements and keep myself away from my phone until it is the right time. I have noticed that by leaning into my more intuitive self in the morning…the Jennifer that moves slow and thoughtful, I feel more at ease and my whole day is set up for love.

Changes are a beautiful thing and we are all capable of lifting our fingers to influence more goodness into our lives. We deserve it. The world deserves it. Our planet deserves it. I initially started this post with an intention to talk about sustainable practices but realized it goes so much farther than that.

In what ever you do, ask yourself,

Can I do it better?

Can I be better?

Can I lead by example?

How can I serve the planet, myself and my community better?

I wish you all the love and light you desire on this upward journey. We are all coming together at different paces so it’s so so so vital to remember to be so so so patient with yourself. Congratulate yourself often. Change is hard, but oh baby is it a beautiful thing to partake in.

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