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Making Space for Cacao

Making Space for Cacao

I am so happy to have discovered Cacao through Youtube artist Caro Arevalo (incredibly talented Peruvian American Artist, making work about our plant and animal allies and consciousness).

It has now become part of my morning routine at least 1x per week.

And wow am I beyond grateful.

Why do I like it so much?

It tastes nutritive.

I feel more love with cacao in my life.

It adds richness and beauty and love into my life.

The process is ceremonial and slow.

It feels nourishing and wholesome.

It takes me on a small journey of slowness before I begin my day.

As someone who used to rush through the morning, this allows me to slow the math down. I move slower, I think slower and am able to honestly watch my thoughts as a parade through my morning. It makes me feel beautiful and loved by my wild self.

Have you heard of Cacao Lab?

I discovered Cacao Lab and then went into the vortex of Cacao on the internet and discovered a whole new world. I feel happy about using Cacao Lab because there is partnership with indigenous communities and with the integrity of heirloom cacao trees. If you want to learn more about Cacao, check out this page.

The Process/ Experience/ Gift of Cacao

(simple and loving, because you are worth it)

  1. Using ceremonial cacao, chop your block to your desired amount, for daily, I usually consume 30g. Make sure you have a kitchen scale so you can make sure you’re consuming the right amount. If you want to learn more check out the FAQ from Cacao Lab’s website.

  2. Place the chopped cacao in a ceramic/glass bowl large enough to hold 6-8 oz of water (this water can also be a tea that you prepare, blue lotus pairs well especially for later in the day), slowly pour your water in the bowl and begin to whisk slowly to start breaking up the pieces, allowing them to become one with the water.
    • place a beautiful intention as you prepare and fill your head with space, love and abundance.

  3. Add in any adaptogen/herbs such as maca, reishi, rose. I personally also like to add my tinctures during this part. I add lion’s mane, reishi and sometimes kava.

  4. Et Voila, you can also blend in a vitamix to create a really lovely frothy cacao drink. I especially like to do this and I also add a little bit of coconut oil to the blender.
Cacao up close


Create a space for consuming and trust in the wisdom and open hearted nature of this plant ally. Make sure you make time for this and don’t just guzzle it down. The spirit of cacao is a heart opener. It is nutritive (hello magnesium) and so much more.

To make this more ceremonial for yourself you may consider the following…

⭐sing to cacao while you are preparing your drink, singing is so good for releasing energy in the body

⭐set an intention as you drink

⭐listen to a meditation that that specifically goes along with your element cacao from Cacao Lab

⭐thank the wisdom of the plant for opening your beautiful heart

⭐thank the wisdom of the elders and keepers of the plant

⭐drink slowly and mindfully

⭐carry this beauty with you throughout the day

I am an affiliate of cacao labs For 10% off @Cacao Lab use the code JENNIFERS10 for 10% off 


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