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#CacaoEveryDay, A 7 Day Wellness Experience with Cacao Lab

I wanted to take a moment to share my personal participation with Cacao Lab’s 7 Day Wellness exchange starting Monday! In case you feel inspired to join along, please follow my journey.

Cacao is rich, velvety, nourishing, earthy. She sings songs and whispers softly to my heart. Working with cacao is a beautiful and spiritual experience that has the ability to gently open the heart space, creating vulnerability and true tenderness.

It starts this coming Monday January 24, 2022 and will be lasting for 7 days. It is a chance to explore the medicine of Mama Cacao, to create space for ritual, inquiry, growth and to dig deep into the places we sometimes neglect. Offering ourselves a chance to explore spiritual self care.
The over arching theme of this exchange will be,

How do we come back to ourselves during times of uncertainty?


A few questions to contemplate or journal about related to this are:

  1. How do you create your sacred space?
  2. What elements need to be present for you to feel safe to rest, and connect with the self?
  1. What rituals would you like to incorporate into your daily routine?




Some Suggested habits to immerse yourself in while getting to know Cacao on a personal basis are…

Commit to eating light – healthy, nutrient rich food.
Drink plenty of wonderful water!
Journal every day
Avoid coffee/dairy/alcohol/inflammatory
substances for the duration of this challenge or “personal dedication”


To learn more about my journey with Cacao check out this blog post


If you are interested in learning more about Mama Cacao and her medicinal wisdom please check out these informative videos by Cacao Laboratory:



2. Cacao: Food of the Gods – a film about the origin of cacao ceremonies


If you are interested in trying cacao for the first time, I invite you to check out Cacao Laboratory,(For 10% off @Cacao Lab use the code JENNIFERS10 for 10% off)

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