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Ceremonial Cacao: Creating the Foundation

cacao ceremony

Day 1- Creating the Foundation

So happy to share that I am participating with Cacao Lab for a 7 day virtual wellness experience. The theme of this experience, “How Do We Come Back to Ourselves in Times of Uncertainty?

Today is the first day of this wellness experience. I was able to make time for cacao but not in the way I had intended or usually do. Sometimes life works out that way.

We have to check in with our bodies, minds and spirits and see where we are at.

Sometimes it’s the thing we need most that we don’t make time for.

That’s the reality of it, but it’s a good way to see where we are at.

I know tomorrow will be more fruitful and I thank mama cacao for nourishing my body as I whisper a silent prayer in my first sip, hours after I made my cup. It was a reminder to settle and slow down. Cacao always brings that front and center. The process of making cacao is meant to be slow and the experience as well, especially in a ceremonial or meditative dose. But today was a little different. I accept myself for where I am at and it’s a gentle warming reminder of what I need.

So it brings us back to the original thought for Day 1 Creating the Foundation.

How do I create the foundation for myself?

What does “foundation” mean to me?

I am reminded of the ceremonial language used in Cacao through the teachings of Florencia Friedman. When in ceremony we thank the four elements. In relation, the Earth is the foundation. It is the soil, the space, the richness where roots take hold, where we have structure.

What sort of foundation do I need for myself in order to stay committed to learning and growing in this life?

This all starts with knowing yourself (a long work in progress of course)

Personally, I identify as a bit of a hummingbird spirit, often darting, quick but also strong and able. So I need structure and foundation. For me in my life right now that means

  • Slowing down at night by getting of my phone, being mindful as to what I pay attention to
  • Honoring the sacred space of the morning
  • Setting up my sacred space
    • place to meditate in the morning having my cushion out
  • Getting my cacao ready
    • chopping up and preparing the cacao
    • gathering the additional ingredients like turmeric, mucuna, salt, honey
    • gathering my journal to reflect and burning herb out and ready to go

These actions, although they might seem small, set me up for action, create a container for safety and self love because I know when I am able to love myself deeper, that love permeates all my relationships.

I know that I am the foundation for all things in my life. I am responsible for my energy, how I think, what I feel and how I generally interact with the world.

The best way for me to have a good foundation in all things is to take care of myself.

To be gentle with myself when I am not able to set up this foundation (as in today) and to remind myself that everyday is a chance for change.

I am now in a more “settled mental space” and hoping to incorporate mama cacao into my full moon ritual. A space of expansion and growth and synching ourselves with the natural cycles of that sacred life that we are all a part of.

How do you set up your foundation?

Every little action we do makes a difference

we are contributing to our own web of life

how we feel

is a result of what we think

what we do

so do something beautiful

and celebrate your sweet beautiful self

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