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Ceremonial Cacao: Connecting with the Self

Day 2- Connecting with the Self

How Do We Come Back to Ourselves in Times of Uncertainty?

So grateful for the opportunity to connect with myself.

In honor of last night’s full moon, I placed some water out in a vessel last night (in addition to some healing body oils) out on my porch under the moon light to soak up the goodness, the expansion, the love of the full moon.

After my morning meditation practice, I crept out into the cool air of the Michigan morning and retrieved my beautifully blessed water.

Thank you mother moon

I used her to be the carrier of the loving medicine of mama cacao.

This morning was slow.


And love filled.

I lit my copal incense, prepared my cacao and sat silently with myself.

Sitting with Cacao + a new read, A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

It felt like a reminder of why establishing routine is so valuable for me.

The hummingbird spirit with so much love, but that she forgets to take care of herself sometimes. Today I took care of myself and I will carry this energy into the rest of the day.

I reflected on the space that feel stuck, that need some transmuting of energy. I gave a special blessing formyself to heal and the negative energy be transmuted into love.

Thank you to the spirit of the sacred fire

The alchemical element, the infinite space of creation.

By connecting with myself this morning, I realized the value of being grateful.

Of settling into sacred space to realize that I am my breath.

That breath is sacred.

That breath is the loving force that connects all things.

The winter moves us in slow and loving ways, grateful for the slowness today.

We must aim to make conscious decisions to connect with our sweet selves. It is when we step into our selves that we are able to take inventory of our heart space. To realize where we are at and how our thoughts and actions are affecting everything around us. By connecting with myself this morning I realize that I have been locking up love and ruminating on the past.

My intention is to forgive myself and those around me for we are all navigating our own celestial bodies, our personalities and so much more. I asked for any negative energy I am carrying to be transmuted into love. I am grateful for the chance to share this with you and I hope it serves you on your journey of loving yourself into the great unknown.

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From our weekend trip to Saugatuck, Michigan

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