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connecting with movement + ceremonial cacao

Day 3- Connecting with Movement

💃 Connecting with movement is so powerful

It allows our bodies to speak

to move energy around

to activate

to alleviate

to express

I have been learning to deeply love this earth suit

Why would we not love our bodies?

When did we become programmed to “hate” “disgust” the very thing that is our vessel?

Hang on…Hold my cup of cacao…

Cacao has helped to open the heart space to make this an easier process. 

The process of loving ourselves and our physical bodies.

To be open to loving ourselves.

To let go of comparing.

To accept where we are at today.

Movement is such a powerful part of our identity. We physically move through space in a body, as Adriene Mishler says,

“How you move matters…”

How we perceive and think about ourselves matters too.

How do you talk to your body? What do you think of your body?

Do you thank your body?

It’s been working so hard for you 😀 

Which brings me to today’s inquiry…Movement. 

Instead of dance I decided to step into my vinyasa flow. I am currently doing the 30 day New Year Challenge with Yoga with Adriene. 

It created a countability that I needed and community I really love. 

I love love love to move. I have always been an athlete, a long distance runner. 

I love the mental space of running, I’ve often described it as my first form of meditation.


Thoughts start disappearing

But the movement can become monotonous  

Then dance entered my life. I met my husband and the rest is history. Dancing is now my favorite physical activity. Especially when it’s to your favorite music. We are in love with Anjuna Deep and have danced countless times to various Dj’s affiliated with the label, at clubs, festival, our back yard, local parks, any where is fair game. 12 Degrees outside?

Anjuna Deep? Anyone?

YES Please.

Jennifer Gif Dancing

And then you combine Cacao with Dance! Look out 😀 

One of the first experience with a physical group and a cacao ceremony also involved ecstatic dance. It was so beautiful. I decided to go alone and join a group of people that I did not know. I went because the woman who hosted it had given me an auricular acupuncture and sound bath healing. Other than her, I didn’t know a soul. 

It was truly a heart opening experience.

To share life with strangers

to gaze into the eyes of someone you just met

to tell stories from the heart space

I was so inspired by this and count it as one of many reasons why I decided to get into Yoga Teacher training. The group was led by two young yogini’s and I felt a sense of care and love. Respect for the world, for our bodies and for healing. 

All of that in a 3 hour window of time, can you imaging?

I hope to facilitate ecstatic dance parties for friends and strangers and feel that my pathway of YTT in addition to learning more about mamma cacao are helping create the path. 

I am grateful for the way Cacao open’s our hearts, allow us to simple be, ourselves. 

In tandem with dance, movement, yoga…and you are in for a real treat. For me, this truly is a path of learning to love the self deeper. 


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