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Connecting with Gratitude + Ceremonial Cacao

Day 3- Connecting with Gratitude

My current mood is gratitude

As I continue on my own spiritual path, I keep realizing more and more the power of gratitude. 

What we think matters…and I’m not just talking about our negative approaches to life but to the ways we express love, joy and gratitude.

I’ll let you listen to this incredible song first by Above & Beyond. This song opens my heart in such a beautiful way. 

When we express our gratitude we create a higher vibrational field. We are living in and marinating in our own love of the world. 

Sounds amazing right?

There is a reason why “gratitude” has become so “trendy,” for lack of a better word. 

Gratitude lifts us.

It takes us to new heights.

It reminds us of the inherit love we all inhabit.

Whew, my heart is happy. 

For today’s Cacao Ceremony, we meditated on Gratitude.

All you have to do is sit quietyly with that thought.

Think about the feeling.

Notice your inner smile.

Theyre always there for you.

Even when things seem challenging.

It’s a good practice to focus on this part of our selves, to pull something positive out of seemingly negative events.

This might not have happened the way I wanted but…I am grateful for the lesson behind this experience.

With cacao it’s easy to sit with gratitude, the heart blossoms like a beautiful flower and is open and receptive. We are breaking the patterns of being ourselves as Dr. Joe Dispenza puts it.

When we decide to sit in ceremony and bring the sacred into our every day life we are essentially breaking out of the programming.

We are creating space for ourselves to be.

To be open. 

Gratitude has been my medicine for the past couple of years, it has allowed me space to sit and be thankful. I have too long taken my life for granted and the practice of gratitude has lifted my energy to new levels. 

I now whisper into my cup of water



Thank you for blessing and nurturing my body 

Gratitude doesn’t have to come from larger than life experiences, it can be of “small things,” that fill your cup. 
✨The Sun shining on a Michigan winter day
✨The blue jay outside my window
✨My friend taking the time to text me
✨Connecting with the spirit of cacao
✨My morning walk
✨My pets, children, clients, etc. 


It’s good practice to be in gratitude for the time and effort of others. What often humbles my heart is thinking about someone I love using their precious time to help me, to listen to me, to hang out, or to imagine them doing the things that they love.

Today I am grateful for…

✨My health
✨My body
✨Warm drinks
✨Free flowers from the trader joes employee
✨Texting friends
✨Making food for people I love
✨Cold walks around Ann Arbor
✨Morning meditation
✨My husband
✨The snow and snow shadows
✨Morning clouds and sunrise colors

I’m feeling better already ❤️️

I hope this encourages you on your gratitude journey. If you need help getting started or feeling encouraged to do so, have a accountability partner. I used to do gratitude group chat with my family, it was a wonderful way to stay connected and updated on one another’s life. 

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