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re-thinking beauty


Our body is a beautiful temple and we should treat it just as that. There is a lot of noise out there telling us we need this, that and the other thing, or we are not “desirable” unless we are absolutely youthful and free of “blemishes” and imperfections, the list goes on and on.

We are beautiful exactly as we are. We’ve only been conditioned to think otherwise. Maybe by society at large, by experiences, by parents, by the media, etc.

It’s time to shed that skin (letting go of the old paradigm) because the most beautiful thing we can do for ourselves is to love ourselves.

Self care doesn’t mean purchasing tons of things and buying this product by this Celebrity or Influencer.
We are so much more than that, and if you are here, you might believe the same thing.
Jennifer Tezza portrait
In my opinion, when we simplify, we make our lives so so so much easier. We learn to let go. We let go of stories. We let go of wasting time on things that no longer serve.
We can make conscious decisions about what we put on our bodies. Realizing that whatever we decide to put on our skin, becomes our bodies.

This is both exhilarating and terrifying.

Exhilarating because we might realize that we don’t need everything under the sun to “feel” good about ourselves. We might not need to spend as much money on things, we can let go of that. We can be more conscious and intentional about what we buy, where is it from, and maybe even inquire…can I make this?

Terrifying because of the many years we may have unconsciously been putting things on our bodies. There is no better day to start changing than today. And the good news is, your body is a supreme detoxifier and can rid the body of harmful chemicals etc through a healthy diet, water, exercise and so much more. More on that in another post 😀

We have a choice what we put on our skin and we don’t have to find “beauty” outside of ourselves.

So if we decide to immerse ourselves in the world of products, it’s in our best interests to choose materials and products that are in our bodies best interests.

It can be challenging to think about what products to buy…there are so many options out there.

For those of us who are trying to simplify our lives, I have a solution for you. I have been using the EWG Healthy Living App which does all the research for us.

It has a very simple easy to read rating system which indicates whether a particular product is safe.

It uses a Green, Yellow, Red visual system to help decipher whether an individual ingredient or product as a whole is good for our bodies. 

For example, this eye liner I impulsively purchased for a festival is rated 5 with a color code of Yellow. When I click on the ingredients, I can see the assortment of things I can’t pronounce, nor do I know what they are. And I can see that many of the ingredients are color coded RED for YIKES DON’T BUY ME IF YOU LOVE YOUR SKIN 😀

In addition to finding products to suit your bodies needs know that you might be able to make some of your own products, you don’t have to buy everything. You can also support small companies with missions that align with your values. One of my favorites to support is Fat and the Moon

Here are a few examples of some products I have purchased from Fat and the Moon, some are more maintenance like the Pimple Mud, and others are more adornment like Lit (super nice shimmery effects for eyes and highlighting) Earth (eye coal, I use for eye brows sometimes) and then Lip + Cheek Stain (beautiful beet like hue, and might even contain some beet something in there :D)

I hope this helps you in some way on your own journey. Knowing you desire change is a good place to start. Remember we vote with our dollar and when we decide to support small ethical business, or abandon the beauty standards all together, we are creating an impact. 

I want to iterate, that I am not saying “make up” is bad. What I am saying is, buying anything and putting it on your skin is a decision. We can raise the vibration of our own beauty, and that is not dependent on what we buy, from what brand etc. I am just putting it out there there it might not be a bad idea to reconsider what you use, why you use it, who made it? What’s in it? How it might affect your skin and over all health. Often times big box brands are not concerned with the health implications that their product might cause, they are more concerned with the image of some celebrity, some trendy images and marketing, and are not worried about the health of your skin. They want to make money. 

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