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Yoga Asana, Leaning into Goddess Pose

Goddess pose has quickly become a favorite for me in my yoga journey.


I feel powerful and beautiful at the same time.

It is like an awakening of a deeper self.

The onion layers of the self, open and unraveling.

Here I am, this is me.

I am beautiful.


Goddess Pose

For this asana, you are standing with your feet wide legged and toes pointing at a diagonal. Opening up into the body.


You then bend your knees and allow your pelvis to sit deeper as you knees track over your toes, getting into a comfortable low squat. The hips are externally rotated with toes pointing outward.

The front body is exposed.


Vulnerability + a beautiful strength.



The arms lift outwards to the sides and bend at a 90 degree angle, “cactus arms” as they are sometimes called.

The fingers are in the sacred Gyan Mudra, the mudra or seal of knowledge, with index and thumbs together. Creating a circuit with in the sacred body.


Welcome to  Goddess Pose

Utkata Konasana


As part of yoga teacher training with Detroit Yoga Lab, we work individually with a wide variety of poses to help us understand them on a deeper level, so that we can know them inside out. Notice how the body feels in this pose. What areas are getting strengthened and stretched. Something I used to take for granted. Now I feel so aware of my body in space and I work to honor her.

She is striving.

She is beautiful.

She is leaning into Yoga.


The beautiful union between ourselves and the universal energy that animates each and every thing.

Goddess pose feels powerful for me as someone who is learning to inhabit the space of self love. Loving this vessel and meeting it exactly where it is at today. Channeling the inner serpent energy and releasing the skin of the old self, climbing out of the old patterns. Those negative affirmations no longer hold a home in this conscious space. I am not perfect at it, but wow, have I improved. It was a lot of work and I have all my support network to thank for their help along the way. Words and thoughts are so so powerful.

It is my intention to always choose love.

Love for the self

Love for others

Love for this body that I have verbally abused over the years.

I love your inner Goddess.

Keep in mind that we all inhabit sacred masculine and feminine energy, regardless of our exterior shell and how we choose to identify on the spectrum of gender. They each have their place. They are the yin and yang energies that animate us and that we balance based on our own understanding of ourselves and our inner worlds.

In yoga, especially through social media, there is often a lot of praise for “difficult poses” such as inversion, handstands, shoulder stands etc. Yoga is so much more than “tackling a pose,” something that sounds very western oriented. So we must choose to come back to our breath. To feel into the pose. To practice with grace.

To be here now.


I hope this serves as a gentle reminder to really step into your body. Notice how it moves in space. What do you feel when in your favorite asana? How quickly do you find yourself moving? Can you notice the subtle energy coursing through your body.

Wow, how incredible to have a physical body, I am humbled.


Some of my favorite poses to really feel into

Locust Pose



Goddess Pose

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