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My Experience with The Dream World Program

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I wanted to take a moment to share about The Dream World Program taught by Sapara Nation elder, Manari Ushigua and Jessica Scheer

Welcome to Makihaunu, the connection and bridge between material world & spirit world, where we get our answers, dream world


I have always loved dreams and felt that they had significance in my life. I have had several dreams in my life that have come true and felt a true bliss in those rare moments of lucid dreaming, which I am able to connect to more often these days. I have always loved the way dreams awaken a different part of the soul, the consciousness. How they seem to tap into something deeper than what we are able to conceive. My dreams have always been an indication of where I am at. They mirror to me what I am thinking about, what’s linger in my thought patterns and subconscious mind.


They hold significance in our lives and it is one of the many ways that the Universe speaks to us.


If you have been wanting to connect deeper to your spirit and the language of your dreams, I hope you consider taking the The Dream World Program. I have greatly benefited from my experience taking the course. Participating in the Dream World Program was my first energetic exchange with an indigenous elder. It felt very humbling and sacred. Manari is a gentle, knowing spirit who speaks from his heart space and ancestral wisdom.

Manari is from the the Sapara Nation, from the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon. They are a very small and endangered group of people who are humble stewards to mother earth and to the Amazon. If you want to learn more about their culture please check out this website. The Sapara Nation are known for the intimate connection with the Dream World. They realize that this information is so valuable and they want all of us to benefit from this knowing. When we allow our dreams to speak to us, we can heal ourselves and our world. 


From the Sapara Nation Website,



We believe that everything has a spirit.

The Sapara work in the Spirit and Dream world and know that the Earth, rivers, trees, and all things have a spirit just like us human beings. We understand that we are not superior, nor are we owners of the land or the forest. We are equal to all other life.


Although I was not able to participate as fully as I would have liked to (I was unable to attend every live class, but the program so graciously offered recordings of each class so I have been slowly making my way into the Dream World Program at my own leisure.) And since there is no time, we are always learning and leaning into the present moment.

Each of the classes are well structured and ceremonious. At the beginning of the class Manari performs a ceremony for the group, and gives insights into the collective energy. Through each class we are taught about different parts of the Sapara Nation Cosmovision, which I found to be so incredible and am really looking forward to re watching the program. The is also space for Manari to interpret dreams for the entire group which was so enlightening. He gave us wisdom on how we can energetically shift our dreams by using various methods of moving energy/dreams away from us. It felt like a connected to home, something deeper than this body, than this self. I feel humbled to receive the wisdom and to step deeper into the dream space. With the relaunch of this program I am excited to rewatch the classes to reconnect with my deeper wisdom.

Some important dates to know:

Enrollment Opens: Monday, February 14th
Enrollment Closes: Friday, February 18th
Program Begins: Tuesday, February 22nd

Class 1 (Tues Feb 22): Opening The Dream Journey Ceremony
Class 2 (Thurs Feb 24): Sapara Cosmovision
Class 3 (Tues March 1): Daily Dreams & Communal Dreams & How To Remember Your Dreams
Class 4 (Thurs March 3): Conflict Dreams & Life Cycle Dreams

*Integration Week*

Class 5 (Tuesday March 15): When Will My Dream Manifest?
Class 6 (Thurs March 17): What Does My Dream Mean?
Class 7 (Tues March 22): Dream Interpretation Continued
Class 8 (Thurs March 24): Q&A and Closing Ceremony

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Here’s what you’ll learn in the program

✨The origin story of dreaming through the Sapara cosmovision

✨Introduction to the 4 classifications of dreams {when your dream will manifest — tomorrow, in two weeks, in a year}

✨Practical tips and rituals for everyday life ie how prepare for bed at night and how to remember your dreams in the morning

✨How to understand sensations in the body as it relates to dreams

✨How to understand the messages we receive in our dreams from the spiritual world


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