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Morning Routine, Honoring the Beautiful Stillness


herbal flower tea

The ambrosial hours when the world is a little more still, allowing us to gently ease into the day. Our brains are in a slower brain wave pattern as we are just coming from sleep, making our subconscious more receptive and permeable. There is less stimulation so we can more readily drop into our personal self study. We must make conscious efforts to honor that stillness by not immediately tapping into the pleasure reward cycle of dopamine.


Consciously choosing to start the day in a defined way…with intention and love for the self.

We can choose to honor these hours as Sacred space instead of getting caught up in the masculine swirl of energy that is so prominent in the western world. The masculine energy is something we all have embodied in our soul and it serves it’s purpose. I’m learning to value the balance of our inner dual energies, the sacred masculine and feminine, for they both contribute to our wellbeing.

The feminine energy is nurturing, attentive and filled with curiosity…more about the journey than the destination. The masculine in rooted in survival, getting things done, analyzing and articulating and so much more. I am enjoying the process of being aware of when these energies are at play and when they are necessary. In the morning, I try to step deeply into my feminine internal space, knowing that the masculine will serve me most of the day as I strive to get things done and be productive in my modern life. The Yin and Yang, the dualistic nature of each of our beings.

I have been working with a morning routine, outside of just making myself some food and something hot to drink, for the past year maybe a little more. I am 33 and it has radically shifted my inner self in new and exciting ways. I wish I had learned this earlier, but better late than never. To cultivate a space of stillness, of study, of movement. To honor the wisdom that is inherit in the morning time. To allow space for reflection and to dive deeper into the longest relationship of my life…with myself.

Beautiful Sunflower field with sunrise sky

My morning routine has many faces but the best way to get started is to inquire what is your soul in need of? It’s a good place to start, to journal and to reflect,

What is missing in my life? What do I really need to honor?

For me, I was missing quietness and stillness of mind so I took up meditation. In addition, I also make ample time to write in my journal. I was inspired by the morning pages concept by Julia Cameron from The Artist’s Way. Where you essentially brain dump 3 pages in the morning to clean the subconscious air from your aura. It feels liberating and often I am surprised by the various revelations I receive from source, my inner self. I also like to read some sort of inspiring or spiritual text, right now it correlates with the readings for my Yoga Teacher Training, currently, I am reading Buddha’s Brain, The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom. Since this is a permeable and impressionable time, it’s also good to practice gratitude or words of affirmation. It might sound silly to someone who has never participated but I hope you see this as a magical sign to do so, and watch your world change.

jennifer chair pose

I also like to incorporate movement, so sometimes it’s Yoga, other times it’s a  mobility routine, an outdoor walk or run. It just depends on the day and the weather and how my body is feeling. As a bleeding person, I try to honor my cycle and my energy levels and I encourage you to do the same. Those who bleed experience different energy levels depending on the week in the cycle. Something I am still leaning into, erasing the shame around my monthly cycle.


I recently heard a quote by Dr. Joe Dispensa,


“If I show up for myself in the morning, the rest of the day is easy.”


jennifer crystals
You can also include some sacred tools, I like to use elements from nature including crystals and seashells.

Some final tips on developing your morning routine

💛 Reflect on what you really need in your life and work with what you currently have available to you.

It’s good to consider how much time you need and what resources do you currently have available. It’s easy to get caught up in the capitalist approach of needed so many things to “take care of yourself.” Start with what you have and go from there. Is there a book you have been wanting to make time for? A journal with some dust on it? A yoga mat trapped in the back of the closet? When you are ready to delve into some sacred objects to incorporate and make the morning feel more “special,” consider buying local and supporting small businesses. This could mean buying a hand made journal to write in, a hand made ceramic cup to drink you cacao in, beeswax candles from a local farm and so much more. Your morning will feel so much more sacred as you intentionally support things that are intentional and love centered.

💛 Less is more

honor the space of silence and lean into meditation or time in nature. Simply be with yourself and your thoughts. To learn more about ways to step into meditation check out this recent blog post to learn from my experience.

💛 Enjoy your ritual with a special drink

Cacao as part of my morning routine

If you have scoped this blog out, you know how much I love Cacao. To learn more about my passion for this truly rich and nourishing experience, check out some for the linked posts below. Find what works for you.

Lean into a drink that is nourishing for you and your body. It can be an herbal tea, responsibly sourced Coffee or Cacao, lemon water, golden milk, matcha, a green drink. Make it a special part of your morning or 1x per week if that makes it feel even more gracious for you. Lean into what works best for where you are at. I am happy with cacao at the moment but also enjoy herbals teas like calendula for it’s anti-inflammatory response in the body. Say a blessing over your elixir and thank it for nourishing your body, being and all the beautiful cells in your body.

💛 You can start first thing tomorrow

As mentioned, make a list of what you want to incorporate, and start small. It can be 10 minutes of reading, yoga, stretching before getting ready for work, and tending to the house, emails etc.

💛 Know that you are able to create  your own sacred morning space

Creating a morning routine has helped me dive deeper into the wellspring of love for myself. It reminds me that I am looking out for myself, that I am connecting to my body and mind. Checking in with where I am at, so I can show up better for my sweet self.


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