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With love from me to you, Organic Seeds + Mystery Artwork


So I have some organic seeds available for you to start your love filled nourishing garden.


My husband and I have been growing our own food over the years and it’s been such a blessing to relish in the act, care and love behind growing your own food.



The seeds I have available are…






Carmen Red Pepper

Red Bell Pepper


So here’s what you can do…

1. You can email @ or DM on Instagram

2. Let me know which seeds you would like

3. Send your donation to my paypal  Or venmo @jbsakarian

4. I’ll package it all up and you’ll receive your seeds and a mystery artwork 😀





How you can get started with growing your own seeds

  1. To get started, check your seed starting date with the farmers almanac here
  2. Educate yourself on growing your own seeds, my favorite YT is MIGardener
  3. Have fun, and enjoy the process, be proud of yourself for trying something new and cultivating new life


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