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Leaning into Human Design

Following my Human Design

I’ve officially done it…I’ve finally started to use my Human Design to do the things I am meant to do on this Earth 🌏 Excited to announce that you can now find me on Youtube. I love speaking and sharing what’s on my mind…and what’s coming from the I space…because I am an Ego / Heart ❤️  / Will Manifestor in Human Design. I am leaning more and more into what is natural to me in this lifetime. What’s right for me, might not be right for you and that’s okay 👍  I hope to bring OHC to a new dimension, sharing in a more sensory way…all about my personal journey in health, wellness, nature, self love and so much more. All with the intention of creating content that is accessible for all. The true mission of OHC. 

Using Human Design to lean deeper into myself

I am learning to lean into my Human Design as an Ego Manifestor who needs to speak in a spontaneous way with “the world.” I love expressing myself and learning about the power of my voice. This new adventure will serve as a space to lean more into myself. To practice speaking and to hear the excitement in my voice when I share about particular things.

The cool thing about being a Manifestor, is that I am here to have an impact. In whatever I do, I will be impacting others. As long as I operate from the will or heart space, I will be running on my manifestor energy. I am here to trail blaze and start new things. I have been using the month of March to really embody my human design, it feels exciting and revealing. Letting go of the fear of being seen and heard. For me, human design has given me permission to be myself. And if that means creating content on Youtube for myself to feel more confident…then sign me up.

Have you ever tuned into your Human Design?

Some cool things to know are…

  • We all have a unique impression in this world and an energetic imprint, ever notice how some people need more rest than others? (Manifestor’s Projectors + Reflectors)
  • Some of us have our Sacral center defined and have infinite energy to get shit/things done 😀 Those who do not…need rests.
  • We all have different ways we should be making decisions based on our design…for myself, it’s all about following my heart center or will. For things that lift and excite my heart, I have infinite energy, but…for things that I am not excited about…I just don’t. Don’t wanna do it. Don’t wanna be told what to do.
  • About 75% of the worlds population are generators, the work force, they often have endless energy for working, getting things done and responding to the world. But what about the rest of us? Why should we feel like we need to operate like “everyone else” when in fact, we are so so different.

    If any of this strikes your fancy, I hope you consider figuring out what your human design energy type is. It might just give you that extra nudge / permission slip, to keep being your sweet self. If you are curious, you can learn your energy type here. Let me know your energy type in the comments.  


I am also offering readings on a sliding scale, you can fill out this form to get a reading



 🌞 I hope you consider subscribing to my Youtube channel to follow my journey in a new way.

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