Leaning into Human Design

Following my Human Design I’ve officially done it…I’ve finally started to use my Human Design to do the things I am meant to do on this Earth 🌏 Excited to announce that you can now find me on Youtube. I love speaking and sharing what’s on my mind…and what’s coming from the I space…because I am an Ego / Heart ❤️  / Will Manifestor in Human Design. I am leaning more and more into what is natural to me in this lifetime. What’s right for me, might not be right for you and that’s okay 👍  I hope to bring OHC to a new dimension, sharing in a more sensory way…all about my personal journey in health, wellness, nature, self love and so much more. All with the intention of creating content that is accessible for all. The true mission of OHC.  Using Human Design to lean deeper into myself I am learning to lean into my Human Design as an Ego Manifestor who needs to speak in a spontaneous way with “the world.” I … Continue reading Leaning into Human Design