quick and easy omega 3 + antioxidant rich chia jam

This is the…JAM   Howdy friends, I wanted to share a super tasty…and super easy way to make chia jam! I try to live by the words of Michael Pollen when it comes to food, “Eat whole foods, mostly plants.” So chia jam…Maybe you have heard? If not…it’s a beautiful way to incorporate chia seeds and uptake your fruit intake. Nutritional Facts A few nutritional tid bits about what this JAM entails. As someone studying for my nutrition certificate, I feel inclined to share 😃 Omega-3 + Omega-6 Omega 3’s + 6’s are Polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) and can be both good and bad. Omega 3 has many benefits. It is anti inflammatory, an important nutrient for brain health as it switches on the production of stem cells which helps you repair the memory and learning centers of the brain. A plant based diet is rich in Omega 3’s as are flax seeds and flax oil, but also includes some fish and high quality grass fed meat. Omega 6’s are inflammatory…which is seen as the root … Continue reading quick and easy omega 3 + antioxidant rich chia jam