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Why does yoga (+movement) make you feel so damn good?

☀️ I love your energy ☀️

It’s a beautiful act of love to move our bodies, to open into the heart space, to allow time for self inquiry and connecting to the beautiful vessel that moves us in this reality.


I always knew that yoga felt good but I didn’t always understand the why.

I knew that I felt good after I ran and after doing some strength training. I knew that there was a release of feel good chemicals in the brain after working out. 🏋️‍♀️ I knew I was telling my body, “I am strong” just by the mere actions of moving the body in space, performing the basic and necessary foundational motions such as hip hinging, squatting, arm extension and flexion, pushing, pulling, etc.

We are evolutionarily wired to move. To travel through our limbs, to forage, to squat, to be able to get up off the ground without assistance. Our bodies are so capable. The thing that stops them is prolonged sitting, hunching over computers and phones and living sedentary lives. When we move, we lubricate our joints and allow our bodies to be more and more comfortable and strong in our every day actions.


So riddle me this…why does Yoga, and moving in general, feel so damn good? 😊



After completing my Yoga Teacher Training and continuing on the path of yoga 🧘  I realize it’s because we are actively moving energy throughout our body.

The fact is that sometimes our energy gets stuck and stagnant. We keep doing the same things, feeling the same way and the energy has no way to move, to expand and to release. Let that energy move my sweet friend.

By energy I mean the internal, universal life force that animates each and every living being. It might sound far fetched but it’s science, okay 👍 I am not a scientist, nor will I ever be one but I do know that this “yoga stuff” is quantifiable. Especially when you soften into the experience. When you allow your breath to move you. Your breath, the very act of breathing creates energy, shifts energy and changes how we feel. Breathing is a system in the body that happens automatically but that we can also have agency over. We can affect how we feel…based on how we are breathing! WHAT?! Amazing right.

So just for a moment pay attention to your beautiful breath.

Notice how you feel.

Notice how deep you are able to breath.

Notice what parts of your body move when you breath.

Where do you feel the breath most?

And there is a bunch of science to support this…when we move our brains release a cocktail of feel good hormones and neurotransmitters. We allow ourselves to be in the flow, not thinking about anything but the task at hand. We override the Default Mode Network, which is the part of the brain that’s constantly concerned with everything…it’s trying to make sure we survive but…can you please stop already!  😀 When we override this part of the brain we are in a sense “flexing it’s muscle,” saying…yes this is possible, we don’t have to ruminate all day! That’s why a meditation practice is so useful. We are simply observing our thoughts and not following them. And exercise does the same thing 😀

How can you promote more conscious movement every day?

Could you do a morning walk? Or jog?

Can you invest your money into your health? By committing to an online program, for ex. my sister runs a program called, Shred Shed Online where you receive workouts for the entire week and workout on your own time. 

Can you incorporate a little gentle yoga into your movement routine? There are so many free resources out there.


Move that beautiful energy around?





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