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Leaning into Ahimsa, “Do no harm”



Ahimsa means do no harm.

I had first learned about the philosophy of ahimsa during my yoga teacher training and knew it was some thing that I wanted to come back to and discuss in Open Hearts Club. As a means of healing and understanding it at a deeper level. I encourage you to consider how you might be “doing” harm in your own life.

Sometimes we get boxed into thinking that harm is only hurting someone physically but it could also mean emotionally, from our own selves-how we think, how we talk and more, or how we choose to interact with the natural world.

Are we loving or are we hurting?

At first I thought this was an easy philosophy to live by as I don’t consider myself a harmful person. But the more I thought about it I realize that I am harming myself nearly every single day. I am harming in the way that I think about myself inside my mind. I wanna acknowledge that I have gotten so much better over the years but there’s still a small whisper of negativity that seems to plague my mind and to me that is very harmful.

It makes me think of the famous expression often used in spiritual conversations, “are we feeding the wolf of hate? or the wolf of love, and wondering which one will win,,,the one that you decide to feed.

So I’m trying to not feed the Wolf of negativity, the Wolf of pain, the Wolf of fear, and learning to feed the Wolf of love. Realizing that love and fear are the two great emotions and if we’re not loving then we are living in fear. So I try to practice gratitude as a daily basis to really step into the space of loving myself, thanking myself and just being the watchful observer of my thoughts.

When ever I find myself feeling lost in thoughts of negativity towards myself, I have to kind of zoom out to be “like hey that wasn’t very nice.”

I have to thank my husband who is my greatest mirror and calls me out when I am speaking and acting negatively.

Old patterns can die hard, but it’s up to us to change the way that we think and  reframe everything through the veil of love which is something that I am actively striving to do on a daily basis. My yoga and meditation practice have been godsends and some thing that I look forward to every single day as I feel they help move and he’s stuck or stagnant energy around my body.

I recently heard that Jack Kornfield suggested we do a loving kindness meditation towards ourselves everyday. I would love to try that!

When we start loving ourselves the world will love us back and we allow ourselves to unplug our power from other people. Often times I find myself looking for love from others to affirm that it’s OK to love myself, when in fact that plug should be coming directly from my own self, my own heart.

Being proud of my own actions.

Loving the person looking back at me.

Complementing her not and her physical attributes but on her spirit, her soul, the way that she moves around the world, the way that she leads with love.

I hope you find the space to love yourself deeper and consider how you thoughts about yourself reflect the person you are.

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