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Changing with the seasons


I wanted to talk about the idea of using seasons like we have here in Michigan as a means of doing some deep interpersonal work.

All winter I had been leaning into the idea of rest and relaxation and just allowing time and space to exist and incubate. To be inside the cave medicine of my heart, of going inward and just settling into the deepness of rest instead of getting caught up in the do do do like our society often commands.


Enter Spring

For the season of spring I am working on letting go, some thing that is easy to say but not always easy to do. We can get cues from nature, inspiration and learn grace. I am learning as I’m watching life grow from the death of last year, seeing the brown leaves of last season create fertile ground and watching as new life springs forth. Coming back to the remembering that life is always in flux and is constantly changing.

So for me and actually a friend of mine we’re considering what can we let go of,

what is no longer serving us and how can we think the past and move forward towards the future

I’m trying to let go of self limiting beliefs that I’ve been clinging to the story of my life for far too long which have stopped me from being who I wanna be. In its place I hope to plant seeds of new growth of working on my own personal confidence of loving myself as I am today. To operate from a space of gratitude, knowing that gratitude is the highest vibration that we can all attune ourselves to an hour at any given moment, regardless of where we’re coming from how much we have and who we are etc.

These are all things that I have really had a great chance to delve deeper and through the practice of yoga which I am really grateful for. Yoga has created a safe space for me to dig deeper into the depths of myself to really love this being and understand her and to offer her grace because she’s always in striving and that’s the best thing that we can do in this lifetime.

So what are you wanting to release and let go of?

What some thing that’s been holding you back?

What new seeds do you want to plant in its place?

Wishing you all the light and love on this journey of softening into the heart space

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