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Every day is Earth 🌍 Day

Earth Day is every day.

We are a part of earth…me…you…and everyone you have every known are part of life on this “pale blue dot.”


There are so many incredible ways that we can pay reverence to this planet, this 4 billion year old soul that we inhabit.

I tend to feel frustrated on Earth Day because I wonder why is it a holiday that exist only one day in April?

We should be celebrating the earth every single day of our lives because we are so inextricably linked to her.


Many people have forgotten their connection to the planet.


Each and everyone of us and everything we do, think, say weaves into the great tapestry of life…the web that Sandra Ingerman describes in her books on Shamanism.


Some ways that you can support the Earth…

🌅 Watching a sunset, going for a hike, meeting a friend at a park instead of at a café, be mindful of what you buy, where does your Food come from, do you really need to buy that next thing on Amazon? Can I buy this second hand?

There are so many different ways that we can pay reverence to the land by just thinking about ourselves and our actions in our lifetime. We get caught in the hamster wheel thinking that we need everything all the time as soon as possible when in fact we might not need it at all.

We might be trying to fill a void.

It brings me a lot of joy to seek out activities that cost little to no money and they often involve being in nature. Whether that be bringing a picnic to watch the sunset on the beach or support a local food chain be outside smelling the air being in the trees the wind hearing the birds.

We support the earth by what we do how we think about her. How we interact with our environment. How can we support brands and vote with our dollars. Preferring to maybe spend a little bit more upfront and buying products that are more environmentally sound and sustainable for our planet.

🌊 The fact is that we all create a ripple through our actions through our thoughts through the way that we entertain ourselves during this three-dimensional reality.

Some thing I have been leaning into is trying to cultivate more respect for not just myself but also to everything that I interact with. Coming back to the idea of ahimsa, doing no harm.

🌎 And asking myself what harm am I contributing to this planet? to this great interconnected web of life, and how can I do better with what I have available to me right now?

Happy earth day to you, may your light shine and encourage others around you to pay reverence to our beautiful home ❤️


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