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Hiking in my Xero Z-Trail Ev Sandals

xero sandals feet on the moss

Why I love hiking in my Xero’s

Comfort 💜

They are super comfortable, each strap fits very gently and comfortably on the foot. Even after a long day of hiking and my feet are feeling tired, I look forward to putting them on again in the morning. They allow my feet to breath and take in all the good nutrients that the earth provides for us.

Toe Splay 🦶

The toes are allowed to spread as nature intended.

Think about how cramped your feet get when you wear regular tennis shoes, joggers, etc. Our feet are meant to splay and to engage in the environment.


Thin Soles 🌎

The soles are thin and allow you to receive biofeedback from your environment. When we wear thick padded shoes we are getting a “false” sense of what’s really there. These shoes really help me understand my environment and I firmly believe they have contributed to my over all foot strength and mobility of my ankle. The foot is so so complicated and beautiful. It literally holds us up all day long! In the yoga tradition we learn how the foot has trillions of nerve endings. When we wear shoes that don’t allow our feet to be as they are…we loose our grip! This is something I have been thinking about so much. A lot of times we are sold things because they are cleverly marketed to us.




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