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Ways you can connect with Nature

How can we connect deeper with the Nature?

There are so many ways we can connect with the Earth.

Something I have been reflecting on a lot after our Smokey Mountains National Park road trip.

Connecting with nature feels so good. It rejuvenates us and fills us with a remembering of our own inner light. I always knew being in nature felt good and I know there is so much scientific evidence to support that, buy my heart tells me…of course it feels good.

Some ways we can connect to the Earth 🌏

✅ Go for a sunrise / sunset 🌅 walk

There is a lot of research that suggests that sunsets and sunrises help attune our hormones to our natural mammalian rhythms. We have been evolving for a very long time to see the colors of the sky in the morning and night. Getting fresh air is so good for you and really keeps your being in check. The sun’s light signals when it’s time to wake and when it’s time to sleep. A fun hack to stay in the “suns” energy is to invest in some red or warm lights for evening and morning. They are less alarming than the standard blue lighting that is used in our phones etc. If any of this sparks your curiosity check out…BluBlox

✅ Check out a local park near you

Chances are there are many local parks in your vicinity, find ones you have’t been too. It’s so incredible to create space for ourselves to be in nature, being physical and getting in to our bodies is a great way to get our of our minds.

✅ Take off your shoes and ground!

Feel into the frequency of the planet 🌎 Our bodies are meant to interact with the earth’s electromagnetic field and with the microbiome. Your trillions of nerve endings and over all wellness will thank you for it!

✅ Work out…outside ☀️

Jump rope anyone? I like to move it move it! Movement is so crucial for our bodies, we are designed to move. Motion is lotion for our joints…keeping inflammation at bay and allow the synovial fluids to thoroughly lubricate the joints. Just walking 30 minutes a day is said to have outstanding effects on your overall health and wellness.

✅ Instead of going out to eat for a meet up…have a picnic.

We love love love eating outside and look forward to it as soon as the Michigan winter starts to settle, and especially when the sun comes out…my heart is happy! Connecting to the outdoors while enjoying a beautiful meal with someone you love is a good way to slow down…notice your environment and feel a part of this beautiful web of life. Not too shabby! And if you want a challenge…don’t bring your phone with you or put it away. Allow yourself the joy of a fully sensory experience. You deserve it!

Outdoor eating

A delicious outdoor meal at the smokey mountains national park.



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