Wake Up and Hydrate

#hydrochamp Hydration is so important for all the major functions of our beautiful bodies.  Water is life. The first thing we drink waking up can have a great impact on our overall health and wellbeing. So instead of grabbing that cup of joe or even cacao…make sure you hydrate your body first. This will help you have regular elimination which is so important. We should be going #2 at least 1 time per day. If you are not able to go, then you need to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains if you body can handle them. Try to avoid dairy as it can be anti-inflammatory and can cause diarrhea for some people. Instead try to eat dairy as a special treat and at the highest quality you can afford.  Just a reminder…our bodies are 70% water…just like our beautiful planet…70% water…pretty incredible. Water is life   My new approach to hydration 💧 Step 1-Use a tongue scraper (ancient Ayurvedic approach to overall health, cleaning all the bacteria from the tongue) Check out package … Continue reading Wake Up and Hydrate