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Backyard Foraging

It’s time to do a little Backyard Foraging

It’s spring in Michigan and things are starting to feel a little bit greener, lighter and…tasty 😋

I love foraging and have been learning about “edible weeds” for the past 3 years or so. I am an herbalist in training and really love learning about the medicinal properties of food and the things that we ingest.

I was so lucky to find 4 morels in our back yard, in addition to some dandelion greens, violet flowers and leaves and some wild and cultivated chives.

Humans have been eating from the land for a long time

We can all play part in that ancestral tradition by learning what grows in our area. There are many incredible guidebooks and lots of useful online information about foraging. Plants can be used as food (you can ingest them as you would food) or they can be medicinal (you should be working with these plants in a medicinal way and knowing for certain how much etc.)

We use herbs as “medicine” in many ways already…think about Chamomile tea, chamomile is relaxing and soothing and can help promote good sleep.

Once you start learning the basics and you feel comfortable and confident you can keep branching out. I started out working with Dandelion and violet and they are still some of my favorite plant medicines to work with.

Some tips I have are…

🥬 Go on an herbalist/foraging walk in your neighborhood to learn the ins and outs of what grows and how to properly identify it.

💚 Check out books about foraging specifically in your geographic area (plants are different all over the world so it’s best to meet what grows locally, see both Medicinal and Foraging books)

🍃 Observe your environment and study what’s around you, many plants have healing and nutritive properties


Some more resources

Midwest Medicinal Plants, Lisa Rose

Jim McDonald, herbalist

Black Forager, Alexis Nikole


Rosemary Gladstar

Wishing you happy foraging and remember make sure you know your plant 100% before consuming 😀

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