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Building Love for Oneself

Cultivating love for the longest relationship of our lives

I am currently listening to the book, Embrace your Power by Louise Hay and feel inspired to share about the journey of self love.

Loving ourselves is radical work that is necessary in our world. When we show up for ourselves, we show up for the world. We are programmed from an early age to believe that we are not good enough until…We have this….we are that…etc. We are hardwired to see lack…when there is so much abundance in our lives. When we learn to jump out of ourselves and sense our true reality, that everything we need we already have, we can feel a sense of peace. ☮️ To really truly let go of of all of the conditioning and to say to yourself,

I am not broken

Everything is always working out for me

The Universe Loves me and no matter what, this will work out to my advantage.


This peace rests in accepting ourselves and loving our selves exactly as we are. This doesn’t mean, don’t change, or be better, it simply means accepting ourselves for the journey.

To love oneself means…

❤️ To say and think good things about ourselves- notice in your life where you might have been conditioned to think in a lack or fear mindset. You have the power and control to let go of that way of thinking.

❤️To do nice things for yourself, nurture your body with good healthy food, movement, silence, meditation. Give yourself the gift of the sacred pause, of not doing much at all.

❤️Notice what you are gripping onto, what is no longer serving you or what changes you need to make. When we see that we needed changes in our lives to feel more fulfilled, joyful and loving..that is an act of love.

❤️Be grateful, the universe loves a grateful person, when we are grateful we are in a higher vibration and thus attract more beautiful things into our lives. Be grateful for who you, for the things you love about yourself, what you own, your career, your health, your family etc. It’s a beautiful gift for yourself and for those around you.

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