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Eco Beauty Find: Ethique Solid Shampoo

Picture of Ethique shampoo bar

Compostable packaging from Ethique Solid Shampoo Bars

Eco Beauty Find- Ethique Solid Shampoo

I love sharing good products when I find them, especially when the company supports a cleaner world and takes responsibility for their ingredients and the products. I was first introduced to Ethique by a Youtuber named Sustainably Vegan, who is the epitome of a sustainable person. I believe that we can all make small changes to create an impact. The individual choices we make each day contribute to the whole. So if we choose to buy things in a conscious way, we are contributing to the change.

We can choose to support sustainable brands

A really fun part about buying from Ethique is they tell you what your impact is. When you make an account with them they have a section that shows you what your impact is. I have only made one purchase and this feels pretty rewarding to me. Knowing that when I participate in an exchange with their company that they are not in it to just make a profit. They want to create an impact. They want to cultivate a positive relationship with the environment through their products. They saw a problem…plastic and overconsumption of products. We don’t need nearly as much as we think we do. We can keep it simple, feel beautiful and make an impact by questioning the norms.

Picture of Ethique Brand Impact

This is my impact so far by supporting Ethique Solid Shampoo bars

Going against the grain

Sometimes this can mean questioning the norms, which can be uncomfortable. Marketing is really powerful and we have all been “programmed” to believe that we are beautiful if we use product X, Y, Z because the commercials told us to and because if we use that product…we too can be beautiful with flowy shiny hair. What if I told you, you don’t have to wash your hair everyday? I was my hair 1x per week sometimes less, sometimes more. It all depends on what I am up to. I was raised in a home where we washed our hair…daily with oodles and oodles of shampoos and conditioners that were all colors of the rainbow. Although I love rainbows…these colors were not naturally derived and are harmful for our endocrine system, the system responsible for the regulation of our hormones.

Why I love Ethique – Eco Beauty Find

I love them for so many reasons so I will try to be succinct. The shampoo bars are high quality, great lather, no waxy build up like other shampoo bars, you get up to 80 uses with them, they are a carbon neutral company, compostable packaging, no plastic bottles, they plant 1 tree for every order, vegan, not tested on animals and so much more.

Each shampoo bar is about 15$ USD and lasts up to 80 uses…so for me, I will be using the same shampoo bar for 1 year if I wash my hair 1x per week. That is kind of wild? So instead of purchasing a new bottle of expensive shampoo with synthetic chemicals…I can use my 1 bar of frizz wrangler…$15 dollars a year? That is kind of amazing.

So with the money I save on shampoo I can support my health through nourishing my body from the inside out through eating more high quality foods.  Sounds pretty good to me.

Frizz Wrangler First Impressions

I really like the shape of the bar and the smell is pleasant, not too strong or artificial which is important to me. I have only used 2 times…so I have only had the bar for 2 weeks 😉 The bar lathers really well and seems to hold up nicely in the shower space. I love the way it lathers in the hair and I don’t have to use any ACV to balance the hair shaft…as anyone who is going against traditional shampoo is told to do. It makes like easier, more affordable and enjoyable. I will continue to use this and might add a few more of their products to my repertoire of beauty and wellness products. I am thinking about the Tone it Down Shampoo and Conditioner bundle to help with the Brassiness of my hair from the sun and past colorings.

Would you be interested in trying out a solid Shampoo bar from Ethique?

Frizz Wrangler Solid Shampoo Bar, Hello Coconut 🥥

Picture of Ethique Solid Shampoo Eco Beauty Find

Compostable packaging sharing the impact you can make through sustainable purchases.

    • For dry hair
    • Up to 80 uses
    • Creamy coconut scent
    • Great lather with no waxy residue
    • With creamed coconut to nourish
    • pH: ~4.5
    • Soap-free formula


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