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Human Design for Everyone

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Human Design for Everyone

I want to make Human Design available for EVERYONE. As someone who is in the realm of wellness, I feel it is my responsibility to create offerings that are available for as many people as possible. A common theme I am seeing a lot is a pay barrier. I think wellness people should get paid what they feel they deserve but often this creates a barrier for people who want access to health but are not able to afford it. It is my hope through my various offerings to help as many people as possible  have access to this information so that they can continue to shine. One way I am doing this is by offering donation based Human Design Readings.

I am inspired by the Yoga with Adriene model of sharing free content on Youtube and having some offerings and membership along the way.

Why Human Design?

Human Design has really shifted  the way I see myself in this world. From digging deep into human design I understand that I am truly unique and have a particular energetic imprint that is unlike anyone else’s.

For example, a very large percentage of the world’s population (close to 70%) are considered the “Generator” energy type (manifesting generators included), this particular energy type is incredible but…they really like to work and get things done, and usually from the moment they open their eyes to when they go to sleep. I see this energy type a strong masculine flavor…this way of being also happens to be the most “accepted” energy form. These generator types have endless energy from their sacral center. But guess what…not everyone is a generator, so why should we ALL try to fit in that mold?

And even generators have their sweet beautiful nuances and deserve to rest.

If we lean into our Human Design we might learn some really valuable strategies on how to best use our energy, how to make decisions appropriate to our energy, and so much more. If the shoe fits, wear it.

Why I personally love Human Design

I have seen and felt the great influence that the human design system has had on my life over the past 2 years. It has changed the way I see myself, understand myself and has give me more permission to fully be myself. That is the greatest gift. Human design is a really fun system that draws on ancient traditions like the Chinese I’ching, Jewish Kaballah, Chakra System, Astrology and modern Physics. I am an ego manifestor so I am meant to make decisions from the heart or will center and not from the mind. This has helped me tremendously. I also know as a manifestor that when I am feeling “angry” I haven’t participated in my personal strategy which is to inform. I can feel it in my body. My husband has a completely different chart and knowing his design has helped me to move into more grace with who he is and how he’s meant to interact in this world.

Any tool that helps us thrive is a good tool indeed

I know there are a lot of systems out there. And it’s good not to get too caught up in one but Human Design resonates in a very positive way for me. It has given me permission to fully be myself and to understand my unique energetic imprint in life. If you are interested in a reading please fill out this form. I am excited to dig into your chart and help guide you along this unique system.


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Leaning into Human Design

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