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Honoring Your Energy using Human Design

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Leaning deeper into the self

Honoring your Unique Energy ✨ An Inquiry into Human Design⁠

Have you ever thought about your energy?⁠

When I think of energy, I think of the essence, the impression, the inner attitude, what’s behind the image, the shell, and the particular way it interacts in the physical world. Spirit, prana, chi, it’s the life force that animates each and everyone of us. This energy is flavored by the cosmos creating your unique personality. ⁠


We affect our Energy⁠

I believe we are responsible for our energetic imprint based on our thoughts, actions and the words we choose to say. Our energy is unique to us and is a reflection of whether or not we are in alignment with our soul’s code. To understand something so abstract we need a system. ⁠Luckily there are many systems that have been used since time immemorial.

For me that System is Human Design ⁠

Human design has helped me to step into understanding my energy. Giving me true permission to be myself. Realizing that as a #manifestor I am here to initiate, inspire and act on my impulses. I have endless energy for the things that make my heart sing as an Ego Manifestor. My authority or how I make decisions is to listen to my heart ❤️ I am sensitive to others emotions which shows up as an undefined solar plexus. ⁠

When we are able to truly know our own energy, we can take responsibility for it and act in accordance with our soul’s dance. Knowing we each have our own energetic imprint can allow more grace in seeing others in their unique energetic dance with life, instead of expecting them to be exactly like us. ⁠

We each have a unique Human Design Chart

Over 70% of the worlds population are fueled by the Sacral center, a center which thrives on getting things done ☑️ being accomplished and has a set amount of energy that needs to be burned through each day. ⁠

If you are the other 30% (Manifestor, Projector, Reflector) you might feel like you don’t fit in with this fast paced world. ⁠

If you feel called to dive into your human design chart you can book a reading with me. I can’t wait to learn more about your energetic imprint and to help you step deeper into being yourself more fully.

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