Month: October 2022

Cacao with Calendula outside

What goes well with cacao? Sharing some tasty Cacao Recipes 😋

What goes well with Ceremonial Cacao? Cacao Recipes Looking forward to sharing some of my favorite cacao recipes and combinations. Ceremonial cacao has been becoming more and more popular. I myself have been enjoying it well over a year or so. As an herbalist and someone genuinely curious about recipes and nourishment, it has been a lot of fun to be experimental and add more medicine to this incredible heart medicine. I also have an open spleen in Human Design so I am more open to different tastes 😋 Why would you add more ingredients to your cacao? I believe that we can use our food and nourishment as medicine in all life situations. If we only eat a certain amount of food and drink per day…why not make it tasty and nutritious and…medicinal? Food is medicine. Many ancient cultures have long believed this and it’s something I strive to do in my daily life. We can increase the nutritional value of something when we add certain things to our food. Cacao is a food …

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A love poem, That deep love that’s always inside of us 🙏

Sharing a Love Poem Hello Friends, excited to share this love poem with you today. Learning how to usethis space to share what’s softening my heart. Lately it’s been the omnipresence of love. I hope this poem makes you smile and encourages more love to grow inside of your beautiful being. Love is everyone, everywhere all the time I keep having this deep feeling that love is cradled, nestled deep inside my heart, my being Always knocking on my sternum asking kindly to allow more room more       space to allow love to grow from a seed to permeate expand and stretch in all directions all the time Love is everyone Love is everywhere all the time.

Cacao with Calendula outside

Cacao Recipe

Ceremonial Cacao Recipe: Aether A Ceremonial Cacao Recipe Contest I’ve decided to enter a contest by Cacao Lab for the Fifth Element Blend of  “Aether.”  I am so excited to share my recipe with you! I love creating nourishing recipes with my ceremonial cacao. I like to think of any time we ingest something as a chance to use “food as medicine.” With cacao this is especially amazing because cacao acts as a vasodilator. Which means that your body can have a greater access to the medicinal potency of your ingredients. If you are a looking for an incredible source of ceremonial cacao, check out Cacao Lab ❤️  The Fifth Element-Cacao Recipe So what is Aether? Aether can be described as the invisible energy that connects all… No big deal right?  For this blend I wanted to highlight the mushrooms Lion’s Mane and Reishi for their supernatural ability to heal and nourish the body and brain, grounding us through the mycelial network. What one could visualize as the physical manifestation of aether 🌌  Reishi calms …