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Affordable Human Design Readings Under $100

Human Design Readings under $100Human Design Readings under 100$

I am happy to share that I am offering sliding scale human design readings for under 100$. The price ranges from $40+ with the average payment around $70-75.oo for a 1 hour reading and a personalized report complete with all information shared and journal questions for your own introspection.


What is Human Design?

A marriage between spirit + science 🧬 It is a phenomenal tool that has truly lifted and shifted my world and I want to share the wisdom and light with you.

I am offering sliding scale readings in addition to affordable chart reports.

Currently in HD reader training with Jenna Zoe.

Why is this a big deal?

Most readings are well over that cost and I want to help more people connect with their human design chart. There is a lot of information out there about Human Design and we can easily learn on our own, but it can be a lot of information and not everyone has time for that. Or is able to understand the complexities of the language.

So that’s where I come in…

Your human design reading can be tailored for a specific area of life you are seeking guidance on.

Human Design has no joke…changed the way I see my world and has given me the sweet permission to be more of myself and to realize we don’t all have to fit the same mold.

We are unique.

The way we are meant to rest is unique.

What we are inspired by is unique.

How we make decisions is unique and it’s time for us to honor that.

If you are interested in booking a human design reading with me please see my offerings here.

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