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Human Design: Honoring what lights you up

Sweet image of chamomile in the garden

That sweet feeling of inner joy

Your whole being starts to feel lighter and brighter. It’s as if your soul is telling you YES,  this is what I have been wanting. Through my learning with human design I have really started to step deeper into this deep internal knowing. I know for myself what is a “full body yes,” and an absolute “No.”

It feels as if our bodies act as our own individual compasses, having their own intelligence…and speaking to us in the most subtle of ways. When we start to listen we realize what is true for us.

Jennifer Dancer Pose yoga


How do we listen to the body?

First we must be aware and practice awareness throughout our day so that we can tune into the body and all the sensations that we experience. To do this, we have to get quiet and “withdraw” our senses.  One way of settling into this is through meditation or just sitting and watching the breath (still this is meditation). Your eyes are closed so you are not seeing your visual world, allowing you to really tune into what you are feeling. When we focus intentionally on our body and the sensations, we are able to listen deeper to the bodies wisdom.

I have found for myself that an even deep breath is a way to really settle into the body and feel the flow of energy in my body, from the crown tot he root. A box style breath is a 4 count inhale-4 count exhale. I like to imagine the breath as a energy that travels from “top to bottom=crown to root” on the inhale and “bottom to top=root to crown” on the exhale. This is where I enter a sweet stillness. I try to do this at least 10 minutes a day but have found that the more often I practice this the more aware I am, the more I am able to be in my experiences instead of lost in the mind.


What does a full body yes feel like?

I think this will show up differently for everyone based on their own energetic imprint and that’s where human design can be useful. But for the purpose of this post I will share form the I space…very appropriate for an ego manifestor 😀

A practice for knowing what’s a yes for you would be to sit quiet and find your self in a meditative state and start to create visuals of a truly joyful moment or of a future visualization of something you desire…notice, how does it feel in your body when you play this scenario out?

For example, when it’s a yes for me, I feel a true lightness in my chest. I know that I am on a good flow and doing what I truly desire.

If I know deep in my heart that I want to do yoga that day but I don’t do it…I am living in dissonance. I am not doing what I desire and I know deep down is so good for me. There is an inner friction so to speak. In these situations, when I finally find myself on my yoga mat…my heart space suddenly is buzzing with a sweet lightness…that is my body saying yes.

No feels like…

To me a no feels like restriction. I can sense it in my posture, my shoulders start to round and I am closed off and non-receptive. I feel an inner restriction in my heart space and my mind starts to ruminate. This is what my no feels like. I see it as my bodies internal gps system telling me…”hmmm something has got to change here or we are going to be unhappy.” In human design we call this the “not self.” For myself as a Ego Manifestor my not self is anger. Anger may seem like a strong word but it’s essentially my being keeping in on track and guiding me so I can get closer to my self theme of peace ☮️ For each energy type there is a not self and self theme and these are the internal gps saying…you are not listening to your authority (how you should make decisions) and not honoring your unique energetic imprint.

Human Design Energy Types and Self + Not Self Themes

If your having a hard time connecting to what an inner yes feels like…it might be time to investigate your Human Design. You can look into your chart here on

Essentially the self and not self themes are the same for each just using different language that connect deeper to the individual energy types…a spectrum of what feels right and what simple doesn’t.

The best way to make room for more goodness in your life is to cut out what isn’t working.

And now for the different energy types ⬇️

Sweet Shiny Projectors 💫
Self theme is Success
Not Self Theme is Bitterness
Generators + Manifesting Generators
Self theme is Satisfaction
Not Self Theme is Frustration
Self theme is Peace
Not Self Theme is Anger
Unicorn Reflectors 💫
Self theme is Surprise
Not Self Theme is Disappointment

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