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Join me for Vision Board in Canva Seminar

Let’s make a vision board together in Canva

Using my skills as a digital designer, I am here to help guide you along how to make a vision board using the free online creative tool, Canva. Simply have 5-10 images saved representing what you desire to manifest in this next chapter of life. See the prompts below.

Here’s your homework:

Take some time to journal and reflect on the path of your life. Get honest with yourself. Be gentle with your self.

Where are you aiming?

What areas of your life are you looking to evolve, expand and grow from?

Who do you want to be?

What do you desire in this new year?

What is truly divinely the most important for you?

What words describes your journey?

How do you want to show up?


You can source images online from some royalty free websites or screen grabs from your phone. A few sites you can use for image sourcing include the following…



Join me for a free 1 hour session on how to use canva for making your very own vision board.

Sign up here to join or to receive the video recording

Date: February 1st @7PM EST

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