Month: February 2023

Human Design Testimonial ~ Emotional Authority Generator

She made me feel so comfortable, calm, empowered and at peace… Jennifer has touched and blessed my life in so many ways and I am truly grateful for her friendship. She has such a kindness and care about her that is truly inspiring and uplifiting. She has encouraged me to move through many challenging moments in life with such care and ease. During our human design session I didn’t really know what to expect but with her wealth of knowledge and innate gift to communicate she made me feel so comfortable, calm, empowered and at peace. It’s so great to feel seen with such clarity, truth and kindness. She reassured me and reminded me that I too have a special place in this world and that we are all unique in our own way. Like a big orchestra, we each have an instrument and note to play. Each one of us bringing an important moment to the symphony. She truly made me hear my own special sound. Thank you.  Medy

Image of an example of a generator human design chart

Human Design Generators

Human Design Generators ~ Sacral Authority If you have been studying human design and generators which are a large portion of the human population…35-37% (pure generators)…chances are you have heard about the famous sacral center, the second energy center from the bottom center, just above the root center. Here I am going to share a little bit about Authority…and the role of the Sacral Energy Center for Generators (Following your gut) These are all generators (below), notice how different they all look as far as energy centers that are defined and undefined. What makes a generator a generator is if they have the sacral center defined but they don’t have any motor center’s (ego, solar plexus, sacral + root) connected to the throat, if they did…they would be a manifesting generator. Something to note…if you have the Solar Plexus defined then you are emotional authority and you must be cool calm and collected before tuning into your sacral center. If you have both the Spleen + Sacral defined, you are fast tracked to make decisions. …

Human Design Workshop

A Human Design Workshop w/ Jen Open Hearts So excited to share that I will be having a human design workshop hosted by Florecer Community coming up this Tuesday 2/21 @7PM EST – 8:15 EST. You can sign up here. This will be a fun quick class to get you acquainted with the different energy types, their strategies and we will talk about a few different energy centers. Mainly the Solar Plexus and Sacral Centers. So even if you know your personal energy type…it’s so so valuable to learn about others. Since we all kind of have to co-exist together ;D Human Design Workshop Details In this workshop you will learn the basics of understanding your unique human design chart and how to use it as a tool for greater awareness. In this part one workshop, we will begin by investigating the energy type, strategy + authority. Lean into your personal strengths, gifts and consistent energies to feel greater connection to yourself and your unique impression in this lifetime. Look Up Your Human Design To …

Human Design for Self Love

Self Love Human Design Readings for February 2023 My books are still open for the month of February ❤️ and If you’ve been looking for a tool to dig a little deeper inside yourself…now’s the time to sign up for a human design reading. ​ ​Here’s what the pricing breakdown looks like…​ ​ $ 59 Reading {Includes 1 hour conversation around your human design + video recording} ​ $ 29 – Report/ Workbook with all notes typed up, including questions journal prompts etc. ​ $ 29 – 30 minute follow up conversation about your human design progress ​ ​ Purchase as a bundle for 99$ {the number of life + femininity} My greatest wish in this lifetime is to serve and help lift others, and human design is one of those avenues for expanding this love. ​ More self love please | Sign Up Today   Check out some more of my posts related to H U M A N D E S I G N Honoring Your Energy using Human Design  

February Updates Love is Joy Waking Up

  Love is Joy waking up 🙏 An unexpectedly fragrant giant lily from Trader Joes 3.99 Bouquet bundle…can you believe this!     Seeing myself in a state of J O Y Let’s be really real…lately…The world 🌍 feels…a little…. H E A V Y There are many things that we don’t have control over…so we must be objective…what can I control or take ownership of. We can control how we R E A C T to the world. ​ We must learn to be responsive and remember that… Where attention goes…energy flows 🌀 So if I spend my time worrying..chances are, I’ll fee a little low. But if I redirect that sweet awareness on something peaceful, something I am looking F O R W A R D to…I just might feel a little bit lighter. So remember someone somewhere loves you and needs you to remember to keep your light on 😉 ​Here’s what’s new + exciting for me ❤️ ​ I will be teaching a 1 hour workshop on Human Design Workshop this coming Tuesday 2/21 …

What is Human Design?

What is Human Design? Simply put…human design is a tool, a system that helps us to step deeper into our own unique essence. To help us RE-MEMBER who we are meant to be in this current incarnation. Human design is a system that helps us realize our truths. It has been called, The Science of Differentiation, so we can see ourselves as unique beings with unique gifts…remembering that although we are all one human family, we are each unique in so many vast ways. Human design can be used a tool to help us understand that. To help us connect with what is authentically true for us. What can Human Design Teach Us? Why are some people needing more rest than others? Why are some the first to act? Why do some of us feel the need to be around others constantly?  Why do some of us speak out of turn? These are all questions that Human Design can help answer. It has served me immensely on my path of understanding myself and those around …

5 Reasons to Have a Morning Routine

5 Reasons to Have a Morning Routine   Having a morning routine can be a great way to start your day off on the right foot. Here are just a few of the many benefits that a morning routine can provide: Having a set routine can help you stay focused and productive throughout the day. Establishing a regular routine helps to condition your body and mind to be more productive, allowing you to make the most of your day. A morning routine can help to reduce stress and anxiety. By having a regular routine that you can rely on, you can reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you feel throughout the day. A morning routine can help to improve your relationship with yourself. Because you are so important and this is…the longest relationship of your LIFE! By taking time out of your morning to focus on yourself, you can start to build a stronger relationship with yourself and cultivate more self-love and self-care. A morning routine can help to improve your physical and mental …

“Thoughtful + Thorough” Human Design Testimonial

Jennifer’s human design reading was thoughtful and thorough. I felt safe, heard, seen, and understood, and I enjoyed the validation for my strengths and ways to work with challenges that presented in my chart. I also received a very informative hand out of my chart. I have had human design readings before, and have never gotten so much information to take home with me. She made it so I didn’t have to take a bunch of notes, which in the past led to missing important information throughout a reading. Well worth the investment!! -Chelsea

“The level of accuracy…was mind blowing” Human Design Testimonial

As a huge fan of tools that allow me to get to know myself better, I asked Jennifer for a Human Design reading. In her (almost!) an hour long reading, she gave me a detailed overview of not only traits I instantly recognized but offered guidance and practical advice of how I can use those traits to my advantage. The level of accuracy Jennifer offered throughout my reading was mind blowing – it felt like she’s in my head at times! If you’re looking to find out more about yourself and advance faster in life, I could not recommend Jennifer more for a Human Design Reading. -Dijana

Is ceremonial cacao a psychedelic?

Is ceremonial cacao a psychedelic? In short, no, ceremonial cacao is not a psychedelic. If that’s all you wanted to know then you have your answer…but you should keep reading because it’s an interesting inquiry. I wanted to write this article because I noticed a similarity between the two as someone who has experienced both. Cacao to me is pure gentle magic, psychedelics have their magic too but I believe they should be consumed with intention, in a safe container {set + setting} and not taken lightly. Cacao on the other hand…should be consumed with intention, in a safe container {set + setting} and not taken lightly. Wait…didn’t you just say the same thing? Yes but I think cacao can be a spiritual tool for everyone…I personally enjoy magic mushrooms 🍄 on occasion, but I think all conscious altering substances should be consumed with deep reverence, intention and careful consideration, because they might not be right for you. I digress… To me, cacao is a gentle spirit, motherly and nurturing and is not just a …