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May You Be Well Holistic Health Seminar Feb. 8, 2023

Holistic Health Seminar with Jen Open Hearts 💻

Join Jen Open Hearts, for a more holistic approach to your overall health and wellbeing.

In this 1 hour free seminar she will share a simple and intuitive approach to navigating your health span

🧠 mind {mindset + beliefs}

🧘‍♀️ body {nutrition + movement}

🌀 spirit {breath + connection}

Jennifer is a certified holistic nutritionist through AFPA and a RYT 200hr Yoga teacher.

Date: Wednesday February 8th @7PM EST

Location: Zoom

*if you are unable to attend live, you can also sign up and receive a video recording

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Who is this Holistic Health Seminar for?

This Health experience is for anybody who is looking for a fresh perspective on their overall health and well-being.

I’m really excited to be bringing this to people free of charge so that way they can have some practical tips and advice to help them on their health journey.

I firmly believe that health is a personalized experience and that when we learn to use our awareness, that we are able to tune in to what is right and correct for ourselves.

Health has been a passion for a long time and I feel now is the right moment in life to bring this forward. I really love and lean into the wisdom of different cultural perspectives in addition to what the latest science and research is showing also through the lens of spiritual connection to the self.

Some of my favorite health and wellness approaches to life are rooted in wisdom from The Blue Zones in addition to Mark Hyman’s anti-inflammatory diet approach.

It is my goal to bring together the pillars of wellness, not just talking about don’t eat this or don’t eat that but to bring it into perspective of the mind and mindset, the body through nutrition and movement in addition to Spirit through the breath and connection.

So if you are looking for a fresh perspective on health and are looking for some new ways to see yourself and your body and to slow down in the process this might be an incredible opportunity for you to connect deeper to yourself and your health span

Why Holistic Health?

Holistic health is an approach to health from a more whole perspective.  Holistic health reminds us that all components of The Human Experience are interrelated and that we can have sovereignty over our being through the multitude of our experiences, not just through what we eat or how we move but how we handle stress how we practice awareness and how we relate to our bodies in a given state.


You don’t have to a “victim” of your genes

Human health is not just determined by genetics. It turns out that we have control over 80% of our epigenome, meaning that through our environment…for example how we eat, how we move, how we handle stress, etc. can determine whether different genetic expressions are turned on are turned off.

To me that is an exciting truth to behold and it’s something that I want to keep remembering throughout my lifespan. knowing that my decisions do matter no matter how seemingly small they may be. that short walk after eating a meal or a few conscious breaths between a heated debate can make all the difference in how my body interacts in this world


The Power Of Epigenetics To Transform Your Healthspan And Lifespan


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