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February Updates Love is Joy Waking Up


Love is Joy waking up 🙏



Seeing myself in a state of J O Y

Let’s be really real…lately…The world 🌍 feels…a little….


There are many things that we don’t have control over…so we must be objective…what can I control or take ownership of. We can control how we R E A C T to the world.
We must learn to be responsive and remember that…

Where attention goes…energy flows 🌀

So if I spend my time worrying..chances are, I’ll fee a little low. But if I redirect that sweet awareness on something peaceful, something I am looking F O R W A R D to…I just might feel a little bit lighter.

So remember someone somewhere loves you and needs you to remember to keep your light on 😉

​Here’s what’s new + exciting for me ❤️ ​

  • I will be teaching a 1 hour workshop on Human Design Workshop this coming Tuesday 2/21 and I would love for you to join. I will be talking about all the different Human Design Energy Types. For the Curious Minded 🧠
  • ​🌸 Sacred Rituals for the Body w/ Heloise Magnier {A 4 Week Virtual Workshop on how to more holistically love your body, you’re being, your divine essence} Especially beautiful for those wanting to connect to their feminine energy and step deeper into love with their bodies. Use the code SELFLOVE25 for 25% off.
  • Jen Open Hearts 🥰 will officially be my business name 🙌 the envelope for my LLC registration is waiting patiently on my table.
  • I recently got 50 subscribers on my Youtube channel all because I posted a video of owl 🦉 pellets…that’s POOP 💩 lol (You just gotta laugh at life, right?)
  • 💻 A new 10 minute video on Youtube, reflecting on the most beautiful Ram Dass Quote, “The real work you have to do, is in the privacy of your own heart.” Reminding you that Self Care isn’t Selfish….at all ;D So love yourself into the wild unknown.

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