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Human Design Workshop

A Human Design Workshop w/ Jen Open Hearts

So excited to share that I will be having a human design workshop hosted by Florecer Community coming up this Tuesday 2/21 @7PM EST – 8:15 EST. You can sign up here.

This will be a fun quick class to get you acquainted with the different energy types, their strategies and we will talk about a few different energy centers. Mainly the Solar Plexus and Sacral Centers. So even if you know your personal energy type…it’s so so valuable to learn about others. Since we all kind of have to co-exist together ;D

Human Design Workshop Details

In this workshop you will learn the basics of understanding your unique human design chart and how to use it as a tool for greater awareness. In this part one workshop, we will begin by investigating the energy type, strategy + authority.

Lean into your personal strengths, gifts and consistent energies to feel greater connection to yourself and your unique impression in this lifetime.

Look Up Your Human Design

To look into your chart go to

You will need the following information…
Full Name
Birthdate + Time
Birth Location


*Please note, if you are unable to attend there will be a recording provided for you to watch afterwards

You can Sign up Here

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