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Human Design Generators

One example of a Generator’s Human Design Body Graph Chart

Human Design Generators ~ Sacral Authority

If you have been studying human design and generators which are a large portion of the human population…35-37% (pure generators)…chances are you have heard about the famous sacral center, the second energy center from the bottom center, just above the root center. Here I am going to share a little bit about Authority…and the role of the Sacral Energy Center for Generators (Following your gut)

These are all generators (below), notice how different they all look as far as energy centers that are defined and undefined. What makes a generator a generator is if they have the sacral center defined but they don’t have any motor center’s (ego, solar plexus, sacral + root) connected to the throat, if they did…they would be a manifesting generator.

Something to note…if you have the Solar Plexus defined then you are emotional authority and you must be cool calm and collected before tuning into your sacral center.

If you have both the Spleen + Sacral defined, you are fast tracked to make decisions. The spleen is quiet and connects to the senses, you have to really listen to hear.

Sacral Energy Center

  • Area that represents creativity, desires and eternal life force
  • Your gut will help you know if something is right or wrong for you
  • The sacral answers to Yes or No responses to the world,
    • What is your GUT telling you?

It might seem “illogical” to say you should base your decision making process on your gut instinct…but you really should. You have a natural connection to your gut instinct and may have lost sight of it throughout the years due to societal conditioning.

The Sacral authority is responsive, and not proactive. You are designed to wait for an experience (created by you following your bliss and joy and listening to your self + not self theme) You will get a clear response which speaks from the lower belly and it will be a “uh-huh” for “yes” and a “uh-uh” for “no.”

Learn to trust this system. It is your own internal compass for decision making. If you are having a hard time hearing/feeling this you can do simple things like look at a food menu and go through the items to understand how you respond. You can practice with “little things” in your life so that when it comes time to make an important decision (often these come up unexpectedly as you know) you are prepared.

You must learn to wait for the response in your gut towards a particular situation or questioning. As you know, once you commit to something it’s hard for you to let it go…you have a vital life force energy that is charged with getting things done. If you are not listening to your gut authority you risk getting “burned out” as you will have committed to things you should have really said NO to. Remember No’s are just as magnetic as Yes’s. They allow you to open your energy up for the things you really desire.

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