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Free 5 Minute Human Design Readings

Are you curious about your Human Design?

Human Design is truly a valuable tool…but it can sound a little…”weird” lol. If you get it you get it, and if you don’t that’s okay…it can take time to open up to new systems.

So with that being said…

If you are not ready to dive deep into a full reading, I would love to offer you a free 5 minute reading based on your chart. In this 5 minute (I usually go a bit over), I will share the most important components of your chart from an intuitive level. 

This may or may not change your life 😉

How to connect with me for YOUR free Mini Human Design Reading

All you have to do is…send me a screen grab of your body graph.

You can simply send me an email or find me first on IG and send me a screen grab of your chart from 

This will be great for you if you are curious but not ready to commit. Human Design is an incredible tool that helps us lean deeper into who we are instead of who we think we are supposed to be. It’s a tool that helps us remember our authenticity…something we can all benefit from.

I SO SO SO look forward to connecting with you and your unique human design.


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