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A Tool For Human Design Generators

Human Design Generators ~ Let’s get you Shining a Little Brighter

I love love love human design generators. They are the energy creators, amplifiers, they shine joy in all directions when they are deeply lit up by life. Sounds super easy but there is a little, how do you say…deconditioning work to consider…

Generators have long been taken advantage of because of their incredible work ethic.  They have a “battery” of energy (helllooo sacral center, enter JELOUSY!) that renews each day…but also must be used up by the end of each night, otherwise we have some fidgety unsatisfied generators. And that’s no fun to be around. Trust me, I have a MG at home. As a mani all I wanna do is rest and IMPACT…lol. So generators, as these incredible energy creators…need to settle into their design to help create good energy for themselves and others.

It all depends on you 😉 

Notion Workbook for Human Design Generators

You are the best thing…you’re the best thing baby! Anyone? 

Enter Scene: The JEN OPEN HEARTS Notion Workbook for Generators. This tool is perfect for those just dipping their toes into Human Design and who want to connect with their Generator Energy Type. Or for those who want to understand they’re generators. It includes a break down of the basics of Human Design and helps you understand you’re chart just a little bit more along with some Journaling exercises and so much more.

This beginners workbook includes information about your Energy Type as a generator, your strategy, your self + not self themes and an assortment of generator tips, and journal prompts. Upon purchasing you will receive a PDF file which then instructs you how to create a “duplicate template,” so you can journal to your sacral’s content…lol I thought that was VERY funny.

You can purchase this product on my new WEBSITE JENOPENHEARTS ❤️ 

Human Design Generator ~ Beginners Workbook ~ Energy Type ~ Strategy ~ Self + Not Self Themes + Journal Prompts Notion Workbook Active

As a human design reader I want to be able to offer some valuable insights to help you step deeper in love with yourself and your journey!

Offering some practical and tangible advice to help you step a little deeper into your incredible generator energy.

Generators are so so special and we need you to be lit up by life…because that gives the rest of us energy types more good energy.

This workbook will be a notion template that you can add to your own notion database to reflect and learn from…and even journal 🙌

Please double check you are a generator by going to and entering in your birth date, time and location ❤️



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