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“Thoughtful + Thorough” Human Design Testimonial

Jennifer’s human design reading was thoughtful and thorough. I felt safe, heard, seen, and understood, and I enjoyed the validation for my strengths and ways to work with challenges that presented in my chart. I also received a very informative hand out of my chart. I have had human design readings before, and have never gotten so much information to take home with me. She made it so I didn’t have to take a bunch of notes, which in the past led to missing important information throughout a reading. Well worth the investment!! -Chelsea

“The level of accuracy…was mind blowing” Human Design Testimonial

As a huge fan of tools that allow me to get to know myself better, I asked Jennifer for a Human Design reading. In her (almost!) an hour long reading, she gave me a detailed overview of not only traits I instantly recognized but offered guidance and practical advice of how I can use those traits to my advantage. The level of accuracy Jennifer offered throughout my reading was mind blowing – it felt like she’s in my head at times! If you’re looking to find out more about yourself and advance faster in life, I could not recommend Jennifer more for a Human Design Reading. -Dijana

Is ceremonial cacao a psychedelic?

Is ceremonial cacao a psychedelic? In short, no, ceremonial cacao is not a psychedelic. If that’s all you wanted to know then you have your answer…but you should keep reading because it’s an interesting inquiry. I wanted to write this article because I noticed a similarity between the two as someone who has experienced both. Cacao to me is pure gentle magic, psychedelics have their magic too but I believe they should be consumed with intention, in a safe container {set + setting} and not taken lightly. Cacao on the other hand…should be consumed with intention, in a safe container {set + setting} and not taken lightly. Wait…didn’t you just say the same thing? Yes but I think cacao can be a spiritual tool for everyone…I personally enjoy magic mushrooms 🍄 on occasion, but I think all conscious altering substances should be consumed with deep reverence, intention and careful consideration, because they might not be right for you. I digress… To me, cacao is a gentle spirit, motherly and nurturing and is not just a …

May You Be Well Holistic Health Seminar Feb. 8, 2023

Holistic Health Seminar with Jen Open Hearts 💻 Join Jen Open Hearts, for a more holistic approach to your overall health and wellbeing. In this 1 hour free seminar she will share a simple and intuitive approach to navigating your health span 🧠 mind {mindset + beliefs} 🧘‍♀️ body {nutrition + movement} 🌀 spirit {breath + connection} ​ Jennifer is a certified holistic nutritionist through AFPA and a RYT 200hr Yoga teacher. Date: Wednesday February 8th @7PM EST Location: Zoom *if you are unable to attend live, you can also sign up and receive a video recording ​Sign up today​ Who is this Holistic Health Seminar for? This Health experience is for anybody who is looking for a fresh perspective on their overall health and well-being. I’m really excited to be bringing this to people free of charge so that way they can have some practical tips and advice to help them on their health journey. I firmly believe that health is a personalized experience and that when we learn to use our awareness, that we are able to tune in to what …

“Jennifer is a wealth of information” Human Design Testimonial

Jennifer is a wealth of information. I very much enjoyed my Human Design reading with her! I resonated with what she explained to me about my chart. It’s wonderful to have more awareness about myself and what my gifts and strengths are so I can express them more openly and proudly as well as be aware of what I need to look out for and have tendencies towards. So much info packed in the chart that I could have many more sessions with her and keep learning. I highly recommend trying it out! Thank you, Jennifer!    – Brenda 

February Human Design Readings ~ Self Love ~ Under 99$

Can Human Design help you with Self Love? Human Design is a tool that we can all benefit from. Self love is the area of life that I feel I have grown the most and to be honest it’s the area of life I am still growing and will probably always be. I like many, have so much conditioning and personal trauma. For many years it was hard to even look at myself in the mirror. I had often felt afraid to see myself for who I really was. All I could see was the story of my pain and my sadness, depression, alcohol abuse. My experiences of being the victim. But life tends to help us wake up if we can attune ourselves to that love. Little did I know… I was afraid to see my greatness. I was afraid to see my radiance. I was afraid to shine. My intention for this new year is to be seen, to share, to allow love to flow through all areas of my life to my …

Join me for Vision Board in Canva Seminar

Let’s make a vision board together in Canva Using my skills as a digital designer, I am here to help guide you along how to make a vision board using the free online creative tool, Canva. Simply have 5-10 images saved representing what you desire to manifest in this next chapter of life. See the prompts below. Here’s your homework: Take some time to journal and reflect on the path of your life. Get honest with yourself. Be gentle with your self. Where are you aiming? What areas of your life are you looking to evolve, expand and grow from? Who do you want to be? What do you desire in this new year? What is truly divinely the most important for you? What words describes your journey? How do you want to show up?   You can source images online from some royalty free websites or screen grabs from your phone. A few sites you can use for image sourcing include the following… Pexels Unsplash Join me for a free 1 hour session on …

Human Design Testimonial

Jennifer did an amazing job at reading my Human Design chart.  A friend gifted it to me for my 50th birthday, and it was the perfect gift for looking at the next chapter of my life.  Jennifer has a natural kindness and a passion for Human Design that comes through in her readings.  I felt so supported and excited to learn about all the insights she shared with me.  After my reading, she sent me a recording and highly detailed notes I look forward to further learning from.  If you’re someone like me who loves learning about your personality and how live more fully, you’ll love a reading by Jennifer. -Jill

Sweet image of chamomile in the garden

Human Design: Honoring what lights you up

That sweet feeling of inner joy Your whole being starts to feel lighter and brighter. It’s as if your soul is telling you YES,  this is what I have been wanting. Through my learning with human design I have really started to step deeper into this deep internal knowing. I know for myself what is a “full body yes,” and an absolute “No.” It feels as if our bodies act as our own individual compasses, having their own intelligence…and speaking to us in the most subtle of ways. When we start to listen we realize what is true for us. How do we listen to the body? First we must be aware and practice awareness throughout our day so that we can tune into the body and all the sensations that we experience. To do this, we have to get quiet and “withdraw” our senses.  One way of settling into this is through meditation or just sitting and watching the breath (still this is meditation). Your eyes are closed so you are not seeing your …

Human Design Readings under $100

Affordable Human Design Readings Under $100

Human Design Readings under 100$ I am happy to share that I am offering sliding scale human design readings for under 100$. The price ranges from $40+ with the average payment around $70-75.oo for a 1 hour reading and a personalized report complete with all information shared and journal questions for your own introspection.   What is Human Design? A marriage between spirit + science 🧬 It is a phenomenal tool that has truly lifted and shifted my world and I want to share the wisdom and light with you. I am offering sliding scale readings in addition to affordable chart reports. Currently in HD reader training with Jenna Zoe. Why is this a big deal? Most readings are well over that cost and I want to help more people connect with their human design chart. There is a lot of information out there about Human Design and we can easily learn on our own, but it can be a lot of information and not everyone has time for that. Or is able to understand the complexities of the language. …