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Ceremonial Cacao: Connecting with the Self

Day 2- Connecting with the Self

How Do We Come Back to Ourselves in Times of Uncertainty?

So grateful for the opportunity to connect with myself.

In honor of last night’s full moon, I placed some water out in a vessel last night (in addition to some healing body oils) out on my porch under the moon light to soak up the goodness, the expansion, the love of the full moon.

After my morning meditation practice, I crept out into the cool air of the Michigan morning and retrieved my beautifully blessed water.

Thank you mother moon

I used her to be the carrier of the loving medicine of mama cacao.

This morning was slow.


And love filled.

I lit my copal incense, prepared my cacao and sat silently with myself.

Sitting with Cacao + a new read, A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

It felt like a reminder of why establishing routine is so valuable for me.

The hummingbird spirit with so much love, but that she forgets to take care of herself sometimes. Today I took care of myself and I will carry this energy into the rest of the day.

I reflected on the space that feel stuck, that need some transmuting of energy. I gave a special blessing formyself to heal and the negative energy be transmuted into love.

Thank you to the spirit of the sacred fire

The alchemical element, the infinite space of creation.

By connecting with myself this morning, I realized the value of being grateful.

Of settling into sacred space to realize that I am my breath.

That breath is sacred.

That breath is the loving force that connects all things.

The winter moves us in slow and loving ways, grateful for the slowness today.

We must aim to make conscious decisions to connect with our sweet selves. It is when we step into our selves that we are able to take inventory of our heart space. To realize where we are at and how our thoughts and actions are affecting everything around us. By connecting with myself this morning I realize that I have been locking up love and ruminating on the past.

My intention is to forgive myself and those around me for we are all navigating our own celestial bodies, our personalities and so much more. I asked for any negative energy I am carrying to be transmuted into love. I am grateful for the chance to share this with you and I hope it serves you on your journey of loving yourself into the great unknown.

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From our weekend trip to Saugatuck, Michigan
Image of eagle pose yoga

Leaning into Yoga

I have been on my Yoga journey for a small period of my life but it has transformed me beyond my own recognition of myself.

It was knocking at my spiritual door for many years and it was only recently that I decided to open that door and let that reconnecting with spirit in.

This past summer, I decided to to delve into Yoga Teacher Training with Detroit Yoga Lab.


This was actually the same studio I took my first real yoga class from.


Let me take you back, I was a graduate student at Wayne State in the Fine Arts Department and my room mate invited me to sign up for a week of yoga. It was a great move for me at that period of my life and left a strong imprint in my memory.



noticing my body in space and time

realizing that the body needs to be respected

I felt so rested that I fell asleep during the class.

As someone who has always been a high achiever, it felt so different than any experience I had ever had. My spiritual practice back then might have been looking at a beautiful work of art at the Detroit Institute of art…namely a Rothko painting that brought so much inner harmony. I felt glimpses of that spirit waking up here and there, only to realize many years later.

At that period of my life, I was a part of the “art scene” in Detroit and staying up late and going to art openings and consuming copious amounts of alcohol was all part of the persona that I donned as an artist. I even smoked cigarettes back then.

Yoga kept creeping up in my life but I never gave it much thought.

It was as if the universe was sending me precious bread crumbs, saying…yes please invite me into your life.


In undergrad my mom bought me a great yoga bundle with a mat, block, strap. I used it a few times but lacked the ability to sit and really be in my body until years later. I was a college athlete then and participated in cross country, indoor and outdoor track. So I was always looking for the finish line. Too consumed by achieving and being recognized as talented.

Yoga circled back around years later, when I taught my first art class at the college level, I had a student whom was making artwork with images of the Buddha, nature and tea. She was happy and buoyant with life and that also left an impression on my heart space.

And lastly, yoga came to me in the form of a well known music festival in Michigan, Electric Forest.

I participated in a group yoga session and felt so much joy.

I felt an emotional release doing yoga next to my husband against a sea of people enjoying the orchestrated movement.

That was the first year my heart truly opened to everything.

I knew that this was a safe, loving and nurturing practice that can keep you grounded and filled with light and love.

It takes me back to a memory of when I was a pre-teen, I received a birthday gift from my sister, a CD from my favorite emo band, Bright Eyes. On the yellow front cover of the cd there was a quote that said something about, “being warm light that spreads.”

I finally know what that means.

My life, like many, has had many bumps, unconsciously pinballing through life, unaware and afraid.

Now I feel my own inner light and know that it is always with me. I have the path of yoga to thank for that.

I now know my mission

To be warm light that spreads.

I am not an expert

I still fumble

I get irritated

I get angry somtimes

But I know the light is always within me and yoga is helping me see that light. It has been my saving grace showing me that the light is always there.

I am excited to keep sharing my journey on the path to yoga.

I hope you find some time to practice some gentle movements today or just get quiet with yourself.

There is so much harmony in that.


Cacao Lab

My 30 Day Dieta with Ceremonial Cacao into ceremonial space with Cacao Lab’s Ceremonial Cacao, family owned and ethically sourced Ceremonial Cacao

Expanding the Heart – Working with Ceremonial Cacao

It is customary in Cacao circle to speak your intention, either to your self or to share with your cacao family. The beauty of sharing your unique vibration out into the world is a humbling and grounding gift. To lean deeper into what your heart has to say. I try to bring the practice of  intention into all conscious moments. 

It is my intention with this cup of cacao to…






Each week of the course we touched on different topics including Cacao’s history in Meso and South America, how cacao is processed, the physiological, nutritive and medicinal value of cacao, cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation, medicine songs and so much more.

We met weekly for online cacao circles with Florencia and the other participants in the course which was really special to connect with people from all over with a shared passion. We would open sacred space, discuss the Mayan calendar and the energy of the day, talk about the weeks lesson and share what intentions our hearts were holding. It was a healing period of my life (I suppose this is a constant :D)  and I felt like a sweet little sponge just absorbing all the energy and wisdom.

It was very humbling. 

Cacao makes your heart soften especially when you share in community with others. I have since gone on to participate in weekly cacao circles with Cacao Laboratory and consider it the greatest medicine to share cacao with others who are also inquiring deep into the heart. I hope to continue sharing with others throughout this life time to help plant seeds of gratitude for ourselves, our planet and for the wisdom of Cacao. 

Cacao has left a deep impression on my heart space.  I have since shared it with my husband, friends and myself at least a few times a week. It keeps me grounded in a state of gratitude, intention and love…the greatest gifts we can ripple out into the world with.

Some Interesting Facts about Cacao

🍫 Etymologists trace the origin of the word “chocolate” to the Aztec word “xocoatl,” to a bitter drink brewed from cacao beans. The Latin name for the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao, means “food of the gods.” (Smithsonian)

🤎 Contains Phenylethylamine (PEA), an adrenal-related chemical that we create naturally when we’re excited. It also helps us feel focused and alert because it causes your pulse quickens, similar feeling to when we are excited or fall in love. (natural news)

♥️ Contains Anandamide, name comes from the Sanskrit word “ananda” (internal bliss) Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that is produced naturally in the body after exercise. Cacao is one of the only foods that provides this type of neurotransmitter. Anandamide affects the parts of the brain that play a role in memory, movement control, mood, and higher thought process.

♥️ Theobromine, This makes up 1-2 percent of the cacao bean and is a nervous system stimulant that dilates the blood vessels, much like caffeine. This ingredient is what makes cacao and chocolate unsafe for dogs.

Valuable Vitamins + Minerals

  • Magnesium, Cacao beans are one of the best dietary sources of magnesium — magnesium is crucial for more than 300 biochemical reactions. It’s essential for muscle and nerve function and keeps the heart rhythm steady.

  • Iron,  An ounce of raw nibs has 6 percent of your recommended daily iron intake. Iron is necessary for red blood cell production.

  • Antioxidants, Antioxidants are important because they absorb the free radicals that cause damage in the body.

  • Mood improver, Chocolate and cacao stimulate the brain to release neurotransmitters that can trigger emotions, including good ones like euphoria.


To learn more check out this incredible report published by Cacao Lab

Check out Cacao Lab’s FAQ’s, or watch this beautiful documentary. I am still a vessel in learning and am excited to expand my knowledge and share with you!

Working with Ceremonial Cacao


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Connecting with Gratitude + Ceremonial Cacao

connecting with movement w/cacao laboratory

#CacaoEveryDay, A 7 Day Wellness Experience with Cacao Lab

Making Space for Cacao

connecting to breath w/ cacao

Taking a moment to acknowledge the indigenous wisdom of Cacao, as someone who is greatly benefiting from this plant ally and teacher, if you feel inclined to help lift and support the communities that have protected and have Mayan heritage, please see this link for ways to uplift.

picture of rose infused ceremonial cacao

Making Space for Cacao

Making Space for Cacao

I am so happy to have discovered Cacao through Youtube artist Caro Arevalo (incredibly talented Peruvian American Artist, making work about our plant and animal allies and consciousness).

It has now become part of my morning routine at least 1x per week.

And wow am I beyond grateful.

Why do I like it so much?

It tastes nutritive.

I feel more love with cacao in my life.

It adds richness and beauty and love into my life.

The process is ceremonial and slow.

It feels nourishing and wholesome.

It takes me on a small journey of slowness before I begin my day.

As someone who used to rush through the morning, this allows me to slow the math down. I move slower, I think slower and am able to honestly watch my thoughts as a parade through my morning. It makes me feel beautiful and loved by my wild self.

Have you heard of Cacao Lab?

I discovered Cacao Lab and then went into the vortex of Cacao on the internet and discovered a whole new world. I feel happy about using Cacao Lab because there is partnership with indigenous communities and with the integrity of heirloom cacao trees. If you want to learn more about Cacao, check out this page.

The Process/ Experience/ Gift of Cacao

(simple and loving, because you are worth it)

  1. Using ceremonial cacao, chop your block to your desired amount, for daily, I usually consume 30g. Make sure you have a kitchen scale so you can make sure you’re consuming the right amount. If you want to learn more check out the FAQ from Cacao Lab’s website.

  2. Place the chopped cacao in a ceramic/glass bowl large enough to hold 6-8 oz of water (this water can also be a tea that you prepare, blue lotus pairs well especially for later in the day), slowly pour your water in the bowl and begin to whisk slowly to start breaking up the pieces, allowing them to become one with the water.
    • place a beautiful intention as you prepare and fill your head with space, love and abundance.

  3. Add in any adaptogen/herbs such as maca, reishi, rose. I personally also like to add my tinctures during this part. I add lion’s mane, reishi and sometimes kava.

  4. Et Voila, you can also blend in a vitamix to create a really lovely frothy cacao drink. I especially like to do this and I also add a little bit of coconut oil to the blender.
Cacao up close


Create a space for consuming and trust in the wisdom and open hearted nature of this plant ally. Make sure you make time for this and don’t just guzzle it down. The spirit of cacao is a heart opener. It is nutritive (hello magnesium) and so much more.

To make this more ceremonial for yourself you may consider the following…

⭐sing to cacao while you are preparing your drink, singing is so good for releasing energy in the body

⭐set an intention as you drink

⭐listen to a meditation that that specifically goes along with your element cacao from Cacao Lab

⭐thank the wisdom of the plant for opening your beautiful heart

⭐thank the wisdom of the elders and keepers of the plant

⭐drink slowly and mindfully

⭐carry this beauty with you throughout the day

I am an affiliate of cacao labs For 10% off @Cacao Lab use the code JENNIFERS10 for 10% off 

Image of Human Design Body Graph

Human Design Online Shop

Human Design Reading Gift Voucher

Give yourself the gift of Human Design

Happy to share that I now have a shop available on my website sharing my current offerings. I have decided on a base price of 75.00, which is still well under the threshold of other Human Design readers. I have been consistently been getting paid 75.00 per reading so I saw it as a sweet sign from the Universe…yes, you are worth it 😀

My most affordable offering is the Human Design Mini Reading @ $33.00 in addition to my Human Design Custom Reports available on Etsy.

I am happy to honor a sliding scale if you are someone who is truly in need, if this is you, please do not hesitate to DM at 🙏

In the future I will be sharing more offerings rooted in a whole sense of wellness practices. In addition I will also be launching a 3 pack Human Design experience that is guiding and includes ceremonial cacao. Stay tuned to learn more.

Currently all my offerings are related to Human Design Readings with a few special things to note…

⭐️ I am offering Human Design Gift Vouchers, so you can give the gift of Human Design to someone you love dearly ❤️

⭐️ I am offering affordable Mini Sessions so you can get the basic gist of your chart ❤️


Sweet image of chamomile in the garden

Human Design: Honoring what lights you up

Sweet image of chamomile in the garden

That sweet feeling of inner joy

Your whole being starts to feel lighter and brighter. It’s as if your soul is telling you YES,  this is what I have been wanting. Through my learning with human design I have really started to step deeper into this deep internal knowing. I know for myself what is a “full body yes,” and an absolute “No.”

It feels as if our bodies act as our own individual compasses, having their own intelligence…and speaking to us in the most subtle of ways. When we start to listen we realize what is true for us.

Jennifer Dancer Pose yoga


How do we listen to the body?

First we must be aware and practice awareness throughout our day so that we can tune into the body and all the sensations that we experience. To do this, we have to get quiet and “withdraw” our senses.  One way of settling into this is through meditation or just sitting and watching the breath (still this is meditation). Your eyes are closed so you are not seeing your visual world, allowing you to really tune into what you are feeling. When we focus intentionally on our body and the sensations, we are able to listen deeper to the bodies wisdom.

I have found for myself that an even deep breath is a way to really settle into the body and feel the flow of energy in my body, from the crown tot he root. A box style breath is a 4 count inhale-4 count exhale. I like to imagine the breath as a energy that travels from “top to bottom=crown to root” on the inhale and “bottom to top=root to crown” on the exhale. This is where I enter a sweet stillness. I try to do this at least 10 minutes a day but have found that the more often I practice this the more aware I am, the more I am able to be in my experiences instead of lost in the mind.


What does a full body yes feel like?

I think this will show up differently for everyone based on their own energetic imprint and that’s where human design can be useful. But for the purpose of this post I will share form the I space…very appropriate for an ego manifestor 😀

A practice for knowing what’s a yes for you would be to sit quiet and find your self in a meditative state and start to create visuals of a truly joyful moment or of a future visualization of something you desire…notice, how does it feel in your body when you play this scenario out?

For example, when it’s a yes for me, I feel a true lightness in my chest. I know that I am on a good flow and doing what I truly desire.

If I know deep in my heart that I want to do yoga that day but I don’t do it…I am living in dissonance. I am not doing what I desire and I know deep down is so good for me. There is an inner friction so to speak. In these situations, when I finally find myself on my yoga mat…my heart space suddenly is buzzing with a sweet lightness…that is my body saying yes.

No feels like…

To me a no feels like restriction. I can sense it in my posture, my shoulders start to round and I am closed off and non-receptive. I feel an inner restriction in my heart space and my mind starts to ruminate. This is what my no feels like. I see it as my bodies internal gps system telling me…”hmmm something has got to change here or we are going to be unhappy.” In human design we call this the “not self.” For myself as a Ego Manifestor my not self is anger. Anger may seem like a strong word but it’s essentially my being keeping in on track and guiding me so I can get closer to my self theme of peace ☮️ For each energy type there is a not self and self theme and these are the internal gps saying…you are not listening to your authority (how you should make decisions) and not honoring your unique energetic imprint.

Human Design Energy Types and Self + Not Self Themes

If your having a hard time connecting to what an inner yes feels like…it might be time to investigate your Human Design. You can look into your chart here on

Essentially the self and not self themes are the same for each just using different language that connect deeper to the individual energy types…a spectrum of what feels right and what simple doesn’t.

The best way to make room for more goodness in your life is to cut out what isn’t working.

And now for the different energy types ⬇️

Sweet Shiny Projectors 💫
Self theme is Success
Not Self Theme is Bitterness
Generators + Manifesting Generators
Self theme is Satisfaction
Not Self Theme is Frustration
Self theme is Peace
Not Self Theme is Anger
Unicorn Reflectors 💫
Self theme is Surprise
Not Self Theme is Disappointment

If you are interested in booking a reading with me please see my Offerings Page for sliding scale human design readings 🙏


Affordable Human Design Readings Under $100


Learn more about my experience with Human Design ⬇️

Honoring Your Energy using Human Design

Human Design for Everyone

Leaning into Human Design

Human Design Readings under $100

Affordable Human Design Readings Under $100

Human Design Readings under $100Human Design Readings under 100$

I am happy to share that I am offering sliding scale human design readings for under 100$. The price ranges from $40+ with the average payment around $70-75.oo for a 1 hour reading and a personalized report complete with all information shared and journal questions for your own introspection.


What is Human Design?

A marriage between spirit + science 🧬 It is a phenomenal tool that has truly lifted and shifted my world and I want to share the wisdom and light with you.

I am offering sliding scale readings in addition to affordable chart reports.

Currently in HD reader training with Jenna Zoe.

Why is this a big deal?

Most readings are well over that cost and I want to help more people connect with their human design chart. There is a lot of information out there about Human Design and we can easily learn on our own, but it can be a lot of information and not everyone has time for that. Or is able to understand the complexities of the language.

So that’s where I come in…

Your human design reading can be tailored for a specific area of life you are seeking guidance on.

Human Design has no joke…changed the way I see my world and has given me the sweet permission to be more of myself and to realize we don’t all have to fit the same mold.

We are unique.

The way we are meant to rest is unique.

What we are inspired by is unique.

How we make decisions is unique and it’s time for us to honor that.

If you are interested in booking a human design reading with me please see my offerings here.

Cacao with Calendula outside

What goes well with cacao? Sharing some tasty Cacao Recipes 😋

Cacao with Calendula outside

What goes well with Ceremonial Cacao? Cacao Recipes

Looking forward to sharing some of my favorite cacao recipes and combinations. Ceremonial cacao has been becoming more and more popular. I myself have been enjoying it well over a year or so. As an herbalist and someone genuinely curious about recipes and nourishment, it has been a lot of fun to be experimental and add more medicine to this incredible heart medicine. I also have an open spleen in Human Design so I am more open to different tastes 😋

picture of rose infused ceremonial cacao

Why would you add more ingredients to your cacao?

I believe that we can use our food and nourishment as medicine in all life situations. If we only eat a certain amount of food and drink per day…why not make it tasty and nutritious and…medicinal? Food is medicine. Many ancient cultures have long believed this and it’s something I strive to do in my daily life.

We can increase the nutritional value of something when we add certain things to our food. Cacao is a food and not a sweet. To learn more about my spiritual practice with cacao check out this blog post.


Here are a few of my favorite cacao combinations because…food is MEDICINE

I typically intuitively combine these ingredients. I will usually do 1/2 teaspoon to a teaspoon depending on the ingredient. I don’t want it to overpower the taste of cacao so I try to be conscious about that.  I find that mixing in a vitamix is the best as it really melds the flavors and you end up with this really rich and frothy mixture.

💚 You can create an infusion using tea, herbs etc, instead of straight water.

💛 Turmeric, black pepper, honey

💛 Tahini, honey

💖 Rose powder, cardamon, honey

💛 Lions mane, reishi, maple syrup

💛Almond butter

♥️ Date, he shou wu powder

Purple new england aster

A love poem, That deep love that’s always inside of us 🙏

Jennifer namaste portrait

Sharing a Love Poem

Hello Friends, excited to share this love poem with you today. Learning how to usethis space to share what’s softening my heart. Lately it’s been the omnipresence of love. I hope this poem makes you smile and encourages more love to grow inside of your beautiful being.

Love is everyone, everywhere all the time

I keep having this deep feeling

that love is cradled, nestled

deep inside my heart, my being

Always knocking on my sternum

asking kindly

to allow more room






to allow love to grow

from a seed

to permeate


and stretch

in all directions

all the time

Love is everyone

Love is everywhere

all the time.

Cacao with Calendula outside

Cacao Recipe

Ceremonial Cacao Recipe: AetherCeremonial Cacao Aether Blend

A Ceremonial Cacao Recipe Contest

I’ve decided to enter a contest by Cacao Lab for the Fifth Element Blend of  “Aether.”  I am so excited to share my recipe with you! I love creating nourishing recipes with my ceremonial cacao. I like to think of any time we ingest something as a chance to use “food as medicine.” With cacao this is especially amazing because cacao acts as a vasodilator. Which means that your body can have a greater access to the medicinal potency of your ingredients.

If you are a looking for an incredible source of ceremonial cacao, check out Cacao Lab ❤️ 

magical bubbles of cacao

The Fifth Element-Cacao Recipe

So what is Aether?

Aether can be described as the invisible energy that connects all…

No big deal right? 

For this blend I wanted to highlight the mushrooms Lion’s Mane and Reishi for their supernatural ability to heal and nourish the body and brain, grounding us through the mycelial network. What one could visualize as the physical manifestation of aether 🌌 

Reishi calms the nervous system, supports the immune system and has long been referred to as an herb that “nourishes the spirit.”

Lions mane is another incredible mushroom for the body and brain 🧠 and supports mental clarity and nervous system health. 

To access the concept of aether we must ground, nourish and then flourish into that expansive space, that deep inner knowing that all life is connected 🙏


Aether Recipe Ceremonial Cacao


This blend includes

🌿 An infusion using garden grown calendula + holy basil to honor the plant kingdom and flower spirits

🍄 1/2 teaspoon of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

🍄 1/2 teaspoon Reishi Mushroom

🤎 25-30 g Ceremonial Cacao

🍁 1/2 teaspoon of Maple Syrup


Watch the instagram reel 👇 



More Cacao Blog Posts:

Preparing Ceremonial Cacao

My 30 Day Dieta with Ceremonial Cacao




Image of Radiant Body Oil

Radiant Oil

Radiant Oil

Radiant Oil…for the face and body…because you are Radiant ☀️

Radiant Oil

Radiant Oil was created with a lot of LOVE. Firstly, thank you so much for your support, it really means a lot to me to support this passion of sharing natural skin health and nourishment.  If you are interested, see my Etsy shop.

Our skin is radiant.

Our bodies are radiant.

We glow from the inside out.

I believe that we have spent way too much time critiquing our beautiful vessels. Now is the time to honor our brilliance, our true radiance. My approach to health, and by direct correlation, happy skin, is to nourish first from the inside out. What I found works best is good hydration, a healthy diet, and movement.

We can also nourish ourselves from the outside in by being very selective about what we put on the skin. Oil has long been a sacred tool for overall skin health and nourishment.

“The Sanskrit word for oil, sneha, means love. Being saturated with oil is believed to have a similar effect as being filled with love. Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic practice of oil massage, and is transformative and grounding as a daily self care practice.”


So…What’s Inside Radiant Oil? (Beside Love + Sweet intentions)

Radiant Body is a Proprietary Blend 🌿 using only the finest ingredients, all thoughtfully researched with the sensitivity of the skin in mind.

Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Sweet Almond Oil
Organic Olive Oil
Organic Rosehip Oil
Organic Seabuckthorn Oil
Small Rose Quartz Crystals

trace amounts of the following essential oils 👇
Clary Sage, Lavender and Rose Geranium, Third Eye Blend


How to use

I use mine liberally at night after washing my face with water. I use this all year long. Great for sunny days to rehydrate and replenish the skin. Also incredible for when skin feels dry and needs a little love. ⁠Here are some of my favorite ways to use Radiant Oil.

My #1 way to use this oil is after washing my face with some water and patting dry with a towel, I will add about 6 drops of radiant oil to my hands, rub vigorously together, hold palms in front of my face, inhale, “I AM RADIANT,” and then gently massage the tension out of my face.

☀️ ⁠I use it to massage my hands or feet
☀️ ⁠I use it to massage my partner
☀️ ⁠I use it to refresh my skin after the sun
☀️ ⁠I use it to cleanse my skin if I wore sunscreen or makeup
☀️ ⁠When I need a pick me up, I breathe in the scent
☀️ ⁠I add it to my bath water
☀️ ⁠I add it to a foot/ hand soak
☀️ ⁠I use it on my hair when it feels dry

Learn more about Radiant Oil

I have been using oil for my face and body for the past 3 years. I started doing this because I was alarmed when I learned about how many chemicals were in my old “beauty” regime. Our skin is an incredible organ that absorbs information from our environment…pretty wild right.

Our skin is so beautiful and does so much to protect us. We have to decide that it’s not in our bodies best interest to support big box beauty brands with clever marketing and gorgeous models. We can vote with our dollars and decide that we want to support small businesses instead of feeding into toxic beauty companies. When we make our life more simple and become aware of what we are ingesting, internally and externally, things start to shift.

It has been wonderful to craft my own skin nourishment to see results of health and vitality and to share that gift with others. I love getting excited by new ways of doing things in the world and to realize that self care comes in many forms and that I can take small steps to step deeper in love with my body…and you can too ❤️




For more information on Radiant Body see this blog post below ⬇️

Radiant Body Oil


Learn how to make your own face oil ⬇️

Make your own face oil


Honor your own beauty

you’re beautiful just the way you are

Image of Apricot Nice Cream

Delicious and Healthy Nice Cream Recipe

Image of healthy nice cream

Nice Cream with frozen black currents

3 Ingredient Summer “Nice Cream” Recipe

This has been our summer go to dessert and it’s super easy and affordable to make. We have been taking advantage of berry season here in Michigan both at the local farmers market and our own back yard. Since this recipe calls for frozen berries, I simply place the freshly picked berries on parchment paper (on a baking tray) in the freezer until completely frozen. Now I want to share why we decided to switch to “nice cream.”

The Switch from Dairy to Nice Cream

When we eat dairy, we strive for organic, grass fed and local. Organic and grass fed are important because it means that the cows are able to eat exactly what nature intended them to eat, the things that grow from the earth. To ruminate in the fields and to enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious “grasses.” Since dairy is a product that comes from another animal, it’s important to think about the lifestyle that the animal has. Is it being pumped with hormones? Is it treated fairly ? etc.

This is important not just for the humanity of the animal, but because you essentially eat what it ate…Something to think about if you consume animal products. That’s why we are choosy with dairy and it’s something that we have learned from Dr. Mark Hyman in many of his popular books such as The Pegan Diet. Milk can be inflammatory to our bodies so it’s important to be choosy about what kind of dairy you enjoy and the amount.

Image of Mango Nice Cream

Mango Nice Cream

Hello Nice Cream

As the summer days continued on we found ourselves craving ice cream more and more. So after many episodes of perusing the frozen aisles at Whole Foods and spending way too much money or making compromises on ingredients, we wanted something cleaner and more affordable.

When you ask for something the universe provides🌟 I recently finished my holistic nutrition program and remembered a recipe from one of my text books, The Whole Foods Diet: A Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity (written by the founder of Whole Foods Market).

Image of Raspberry Nice Cream

Nice Cream Recipe, Inspired by “Raspberry Nice Cream”  from The Whole Foods Diet: A Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity

🫐 6 ounces raspberries, we used frozen and also substituted other berries such as blueberries and blackberries and currents

🌰 1/2 cup raw whole cashews, soaked in warm water at room temperature for at least 2 hours, drained

🍌 2 bananas, peeled, thickly sliced and frozen

Puree raspberries (or other frozen berries) and cashews in a blender or food processor until smooth, adding up to 1/4 water if needed to puree. Add bananas and puree again, scraping down the sides often, until very smooth. 4 Servings

You can eat on the spot and freeze the rest.

Transfer to a tightly sealed freezer-safe container. (If you make far in advance, soften at room temperature 15 minutes before)

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Picture of Jennifer in a beautiful peaceful space with prayer hands

Honoring Your Energy using Human Design

Picture of Jennifer in a beautiful peaceful space with prayer hands

Leaning deeper into the self

Honoring your Unique Energy ✨ An Inquiry into Human Design⁠

Have you ever thought about your energy?⁠

When I think of energy, I think of the essence, the impression, the inner attitude, what’s behind the image, the shell, and the particular way it interacts in the physical world. Spirit, prana, chi, it’s the life force that animates each and everyone of us. This energy is flavored by the cosmos creating your unique personality. ⁠


We affect our Energy⁠

I believe we are responsible for our energetic imprint based on our thoughts, actions and the words we choose to say. Our energy is unique to us and is a reflection of whether or not we are in alignment with our soul’s code. To understand something so abstract we need a system. ⁠Luckily there are many systems that have been used since time immemorial.

For me that System is Human Design ⁠

Human design has helped me to step into understanding my energy. Giving me true permission to be myself. Realizing that as a #manifestor I am here to initiate, inspire and act on my impulses. I have endless energy for the things that make my heart sing as an Ego Manifestor. My authority or how I make decisions is to listen to my heart ❤️ I am sensitive to others emotions which shows up as an undefined solar plexus. ⁠

When we are able to truly know our own energy, we can take responsibility for it and act in accordance with our soul’s dance. Knowing we each have our own energetic imprint can allow more grace in seeing others in their unique energetic dance with life, instead of expecting them to be exactly like us. ⁠

We each have a unique Human Design Chart

Over 70% of the worlds population are fueled by the Sacral center, a center which thrives on getting things done ☑️ being accomplished and has a set amount of energy that needs to be burned through each day. ⁠

If you are the other 30% (Manifestor, Projector, Reflector) you might feel like you don’t fit in with this fast paced world. ⁠

If you feel called to dive into your human design chart you can book a reading with me. I can’t wait to learn more about your energetic imprint and to help you step deeper into being yourself more fully.

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Leaning into Human Design

Image of a colorful sunset over lake michigan

Human Design for Everyone

Image of a colorful sunset over lake michigan

Human Design for Everyone

I want to make Human Design available for EVERYONE. As someone who is in the realm of wellness, I feel it is my responsibility to create offerings that are available for as many people as possible. A common theme I am seeing a lot is a pay barrier. I think wellness people should get paid what they feel they deserve but often this creates a barrier for people who want access to health but are not able to afford it. It is my hope through my various offerings to help as many people as possible  have access to this information so that they can continue to shine. One way I am doing this is by offering donation based Human Design Readings.

I am inspired by the Yoga with Adriene model of sharing free content on Youtube and having some offerings and membership along the way.

Why Human Design?

Human Design has really shifted  the way I see myself in this world. From digging deep into human design I understand that I am truly unique and have a particular energetic imprint that is unlike anyone else’s.

For example, a very large percentage of the world’s population (close to 70%) are considered the “Generator” energy type (manifesting generators included), this particular energy type is incredible but…they really like to work and get things done, and usually from the moment they open their eyes to when they go to sleep. I see this energy type a strong masculine flavor…this way of being also happens to be the most “accepted” energy form. These generator types have endless energy from their sacral center. But guess what…not everyone is a generator, so why should we ALL try to fit in that mold?

And even generators have their sweet beautiful nuances and deserve to rest.

If we lean into our Human Design we might learn some really valuable strategies on how to best use our energy, how to make decisions appropriate to our energy, and so much more. If the shoe fits, wear it.

Why I personally love Human Design

I have seen and felt the great influence that the human design system has had on my life over the past 2 years. It has changed the way I see myself, understand myself and has give me more permission to fully be myself. That is the greatest gift. Human design is a really fun system that draws on ancient traditions like the Chinese I’ching, Jewish Kaballah, Chakra System, Astrology and modern Physics. I am an ego manifestor so I am meant to make decisions from the heart or will center and not from the mind. This has helped me tremendously. I also know as a manifestor that when I am feeling “angry” I haven’t participated in my personal strategy which is to inform. I can feel it in my body. My husband has a completely different chart and knowing his design has helped me to move into more grace with who he is and how he’s meant to interact in this world.

Any tool that helps us thrive is a good tool indeed

I know there are a lot of systems out there. And it’s good not to get too caught up in one but Human Design resonates in a very positive way for me. It has given me permission to fully be myself and to understand my unique energetic imprint in life. If you are interested in a reading please fill out this form. I am excited to dig into your chart and help guide you along this unique system.


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